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Angelina Jolie's inner circle: Meet the women helping her through the Brad Pitt split

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Following her shocking split from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has powered up her girl squad.

Just eight days after the By the Sea star filed for divorce from her husband of two years, ET has learned that her closest female friends, Lady Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton, may be encouraging a smear campaign against the 52-year-old actor.

WATCH: Brad Pitt Doesn't Want His Friends to Badmouth Angelina Jolie

A source close to the Pitt-Jolie situation tells ET that the two women advising Jolie have been "fueling the actress' aggressive approach against Pitt" from the beginning. They were even with the family the day before Jolie filed the dissolution of marriage, playing baseball with some of the estranged couple's kids.

"Angelina is very close to Arminka and Chloe, and really has left her Hollywood circle in recent years to focus on politics and human rights," the source said, explaining that the 41-year-old actress -- who is a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) -- first met Helic through her UN work a few years ago. "Angelina respects the two of them completely and doesn't make any decisions without them."

So who are these influential ladies?

According to the source, Helic -- a Bosnian foreign policy expert and member of the U.K. House of Lords -- used to serve as a special adviser to Britain's former Foreign Secretary William Hague, the man "really responsible for teaching Angelina about Bosnia." Hague is also credited for being "a close confidante to Angelina" while she was directing her 2011 movie, In the Land of Blood and Honey, in Bosnia.

WATCH: Brad Pitt Seeking Crisis Management Amid Child Abuse Allegations

Helic advises Jolie on any political issues the actress chooses to be involved in, the source added, and travels abroad with her every time she makes a trip. She also educates Jolie on issues surrounding war-torn countries, mainly in regard to women and children. What's more, it was Helic, according to the source, who encouraged Jolie to get involved with the London School of Economics' Centre for Women, Peace and Security, where she's set to join the faculty as a guest professor in September 2017.

Like Helic, Dalton also has ties to Hague. She is the daughter of former ambassador Sir Richard Dalton, and worked in Hague's office as his speechwriter during the same time Jolie had worked with him.

Then, in 2015, Jolie, Helic and Dalton formed the Jolie Pitt Dalton Helic foundation, an organization which aims to help refugees, prevent violence against women and improve access to education. "We have been officially working together for a year and are very much looking forward to continuing our joint efforts on our shared international interests," Jolie told People of their partnership at the time. The trio also previously worked together on the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative to help end war zone rape.

WATCH: A Closer Look at the Malibu Mansion Angelina Jolie Rented Amid Brad Pitt Divorce Drama

Jolie is currently staying in a secluded, $12 million beachfront mansion rental in Malibu, California, with the couple's six children -- Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8.

On Tuesday, Jolie's bodyguard was seen picking up pizza from D'Amore's Famous Pizza in the area around 6 p.m. According to an eyewitness, the bodyguard was alone and carried out four large pizza boxes, along with another bag of food. "We're not sure if it was just the kids eating it, and perhaps they over-ordered, but four pizzas for six kids averages to over five slices per kid," the eyewitness explained. "They must be really hungry!"

Earlier this week, an additional source told ET that Pitt, who was last seen in Croatia on Sept. 2, hopes to see his kids soon and wants to resolve his issues with Jolie "amicably and privately."

WATCH: Brad Pitt Hoping to See His Kids Soon and Resolve Matters With Angelina Jolie 'Amicably'

"Every marriage has priorities and they have been able to navigate them up until now," the source said. "Brad has different priorities. He's a leading actor with movies coming out. She has her things she wants to do and no one is saying that's wrong."

"Her global ambitions are part of the current problem," the source continued. "I don't think anyone wants their kids all over the place."


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 9:21 pm

GOP Senator: Politics around the spending bill battle are a key reason Trump 'is doing so well'

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Republican Sen. David Perdue of Georgia told Business Insider on Monday that the battle over the government spending bill is "one reason why Donald Trump is doing so well."

SEE ALSO: Hawking: Humans have 'no future' without one thing

On Tuesday, the Senate voted to reject a spending bill to fund the government through early December by a 45-55 vote, far short of the 60 needed to pass.

If no extension is passed by the end of the week, there will be a partial shutdown of the federal government.

Senate Democrats have said they will refuse to back a bill that provides disaster relief to Louisiana but not to Flint, Michigan for its water crisis.

A total of 13 Republicans, including Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, joined the Democrats in opposing the bill Tuesday.

Speaking in Hempstead, New York, before the first presidential debate at Hofstra University, Perdue said Monday that he's "outraged" an agreement on funding the government for the near future has not been met. But, he did say he's sure a bill will get passed this week.

SEE ALSO: Tyson recalls over 132,000 pounds of one frozen food

"I mean, neither side benefits from a day past the end of the fiscal year," he said. "I will say there are political games going on to keep Republican senators who are running for office in Washington longer than they need to be."

"We should've done this last week," he continued. "Actually, this whole thing should've been done back in July to be honest with you."

The Georgia Republican said this is an example of the "political insider games" that "outrages people back at home."

"It's one reason why Donald Trump is doing so well," he said.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 8:59 pm

Greensboro leaders release disturbing body cam video of police assault

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On Monday, city council leaders in Greensboro released "disturbing" body camera video footage of former Greensboro officer Travis Cole using excessive force.

After viewing the footage, which was captured on the body cameras on both Cole and his partner, the city council voted 8-0 to permanently suspend Cole's law enforcement certification.

"I wouldn't dare as a chief tell anyone this kinda thing never happens," Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott told FOX8 Monday. "We have around 900 employees, over 680 sworn police officers on any given day getting dozens and dozens of calls and interactions. But what they can be assured of is we take this very serious."

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan apologized to Dejuan Yourse in a press conference, saying that the incident was "ugly."

After the resolution was read, several people criticized it for not going far enough in punishing Cole for the excessive force.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 8:58 pm

Two California men charged in suspected murder among 'furries'

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LOS ANGELES, Sept 27 (Reuters) - Two men were charged on Tuesday in the triple murder of a Southern California couple and their friend in what local media reported may have been a crime among the so-called "furry" community of people who dress up in animal costumes.

Joshua Acosta, 21, and Frank Felix, 25, were both charged with three counts of murder in the case and expected to make initial court appearances later on Tuesday, the Orange County District Attorney's Office said in a statement.

See tweets related to the case:

They are accused of killing Jennifer Goodwill-Yost, 39, her husband Christopher Yost, 34, and their friend Arthur Boucher, 28 at the couple's home in Fullerton early on Saturday.

The three victims were found shot to death in the home later that morning after a child called police to say her parents had died, Fullerton police said in a statement.

Two young children were found unharmed in the home but in the hours after the murder scene was discovered police said that Goodwill-Yost's 17-year-old daughter, Katlynn Goodwill-Yost, had gone missing.

Following the arrests of Acosta, of Texas, and Felix, of Los Angeles, police said that Katlynn Goodwill-Yost had been found safe and that a 17-year-old girl had been taken into custody in connection with the crime.

Related: See photos from a furry convention:

Authorities declined to say if Katlynn Goodwill-Yost was the third suspect arrested, citing laws about the disclosure of the names of juveniles. Katlynn Goodwill-Yost was not charged in connection with the case on Tuesday.

The Orange County Register newspaper reported that Jennifer Goodwill-Yost, her daughter and both of the suspects in the case have ties to the Southern California "furry" community, which is active on the internet, at conventions and other events.

"A lot of people in our community were devastated," Christopher Parque-Johnson, 23, told the newspaper. "I've been hearing from a lot of people. It bothered everybody."

The Register described Parque-Johnson as an artist and performer who was a member of the SoCalFurs who led a group of furries in placing flowers, cards and candles at the scene of the crime.

Katlynn Goodwill-Yost's social media pages are replete with pictures of her dressed in furry costumes.

"The suspects and the family are known to one another," Fullerton police spokesman Sergeant Jon Radus told reporters at a press conference. "This was not a random act of violence within the community. We do believe this was a specific home that was targeted by these suspects." (Reporting by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Andrew Hay)


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 8:11 pm

Prince William steals the show after meeting collegiate volleyball team in Canada

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Watch out Kate!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a Canadian university during day four of their headline-making tour -- but this time it wasn't the beautiful brunette who stole the spotlight.

Prince William received a very warm welcome from a squad of collegiate volleyball players as they visited the University of British Columbia's Okanogan campus on Tuesday.

The couple stayed for an exhibition match to watch the nationally ranked team, and it's clear the female athletes couldn't contain their excitement.

During their arrival on campus, a group of 1,000 students and fans welcomed their famous guests. Prince William and Duchess Kate were in attendance to celebrate the university's 10th anniversary.

Though the number of admirers Prince William has is enough to make any man blush, he clearly only has eyes for his leading lady. Duchess Kate made heads turn, once again, in a dazzling $2,600 frock.

The 34-year-old royal wore an emerald green Dolce & Gabbana knee-length dress that hugged her teeny physique. She paired the eye-catching number with earrings of the same color and nude LK Bennett pumps that elongated her perfect legs.

Throughout the tour, Kate has worn pieces from big-name fashion designers, including Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham. She stole the show during a formal reception earlier this week with an elegant cherry-red dress from British designer Preen.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 8:08 pm

Latest reason Congress can't fund the government: Flint's water crisis

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Congress has just a handful of days left to avoid a government shutdown, but that didn't stop the Senate from sinking yet another attempt to keep the lights on.

This time, Senate Democrats blocked a stopgap funding measure, demanding federal funds to address the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, be tacked onto that bill.

SEE MORE: Congress Might Be Able To Override An Obama Veto For The First Time

The Senate already tucked $220 million for Flint into a $9 billion water infrastructure bill, but that's been held up in the House. And Democrats don't trust Republicans to keep the $220 million in whatever version of the bill the House ends up passing.

See images from the Flint water crisis:

Previous spending measures have fallen victim to partisan hangups over funding to combat the Zika virus and lack of funding for Planned Parenthood, among other things.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. The Republican Congressional leadership started off the fiscal year by promising to return "regular order" to the appropriations process — that is, passing distinct, separate spending bills for each section of government.

Instead, Congress is going to have to cram all of its funding into one massive compromise bill — and even that's a long ways off. The resolution rejected Tuesday would only maintain current funding levels until Dec. 9.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 7:38 pm

Brad Pitt says he's 'focused on my family situation,' cancels first public appearance since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce

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Brad Pitt is focusing on his family.

The 52-year-old actor has announced that he will not be attending a premiere of Terrence Malick's Voyage of Time on Tuesday. The event would have been Pitt's first public appearance since Angelina Jolie filed for divorce last week.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt Doesn't Want His Friends to Badmouth Angelina Jolie: 'He Only Has Positive Things to Say'

"Terrence's Voyage of Time is an incredibly beautiful and unique experiential IMAX film for children and families chronicling the birth of time," he said in a statement obtained by ET. "I'm very grateful to be part of such a fascinating and educational project, but I'm currently focused on my family situation and don't want to distract attention away from this extraordinary film, which I encourage everyone to see."

Pitt narrates a 40-minute IMAX version of the film, while Cate Blanchett narrates the feature-length veresion. Pitt and Malick previously worked together on The Tree of Life.

Jolie filed for divorce from the Fury star on Sept. 19, requesting full physical custody of their six children, Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 8.

WATCH: Inside Brad Pitt's Relationship With Son Maddox

While Jolie and the kids moved into a new Malibu, California, rental last week, a source told ET that Pitt is hoping to resolve his issues with his estranged wife "amicably and privately," and to see his children soon.

"Every marriage has priorities and they have been able to navigate them up until now," the source added. "Brad has different priorities. He's a leading actor with movies coming out. She has her things she wants to do and no one is saying that's wrong."

"Her global ambitions are part of the current problem -- I don't think anyone wants their kids all over the place," the source continued.

WATCH: Brad Pitt Seeking Crisis Management Amid Child Abuse Allegations and Angelina Jolie Divorce

See more in the video above.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 7:09 pm

Ryan Lochte 'Dancing With the Stars' protesters charged, could face prison time

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Los Angeles prosecutors filed misdemeanor charges against two men accused of interrupting Ryan Lochte's performance on "Dancing With the Stars."

Sam Sotoodeh, 59, and Barzeen Soroudi, 25, are each charged with two misdemeanors: leaving a spectator area and entering the stage and interrupting a performance. They could each face a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office told TheWrap.

Their arraignment is set for October 4.

Also Read:Ryan Lochte Sparks 'Dancing With the Stars' Security 'Incident' as Audience Members Storm Stage

During the season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars," Sotoodeh and Soroudi charged the stage screaming "liar" at Lochte — after the Olympian's claim that he was robbed at the Rio Summer Olympics was proven false.

Lochte later apologized for "over-exaggerating" the story and was later banned from professional swimming for 10 months by the United States Olympic Committee.

Sotoodeh and Soroudi were arrested on misdemeanor trespassing charges and released the following day on $1,000 bail.

The show says it conducted "a full evaluation of security procedures" following the incident.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.

Read original story Ryan Lochte 'Dancing With the Stars' Protesters Charged, Could Face Prison Time At TheWrap


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 6:30 pm

Taylor Lautner shares how Britney Spears once tried to set him up with her sister Jamie Lynn!

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Britney Spears once tried to set her little sister, Jamie Lynn, up with Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner!

The actor and his Scream Queens co-star, John Stamos, revealed the failed set-up during an interview with Billboardat the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday.

EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Lynn Spears Gets Candid About Having More Kids and Battling Mom Guilt

"Britney tried to fix Taylor up with her sister one time," divulged Stamos.

"A few years ago," Lautner clarified. "A long time ago. We did not go out."

See photos of Jamie Lynn Spears:

While the duo, who introduced Spears' performance at the festival, didn't share why the matchmaking didn't work out, Jamie Lynn has since found love with Jamie Watson, from her native Louisiana.

The 25-year-old singer, who became a mom at the age of 16 to daughter Maddie, now eight, tied the knot with Watson two-and-a-half years ago.

NEWS: Britney Spears' Surprise Appearance at Jamie Lynn's Concert Leaves Both Sisters in Tears

In June, the pair shared their hopes of expanding their family with ET. "My husband would like to have kids, like, yesterday," said the songstress.

See more about the couple's Louisiana life in the video below.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 5:53 pm

There's a private island for sale that's cheaper than a condo in Manhattan

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A private island cheaper than a condo in Manhattan?

If you're at all familiar with the Manhattan real estate market, that might not come as much of a surprise to you.

Cedar Island, located in Vermont, is currently up for auction.

The starting bid price? $850K.

To put things into perspective, the average one-bedroom in Manhattan costs a solid $992K.

On its 8.4-acre property, Cedar Island boasts one main house and two cottages.

Check out this beautiful island below:

There's also a full-sized tennis court, hot tub and, casually, its own reef for all the marine loving potential buyers out there.

The island was originally listed for $1.7M but failed to sell.

The auction will begin on October 12.

Now, check out this $11M private island for sale in CT:


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 5:51 pm

There's more to first ladies than fashion

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It's easy to scroll through photos of past and present first ladies and only focus on fashion. Not surprisingly, appearances get the most buzz. After all, Melania Trump's stunningly expensive RNC dress is still engrained in our minds. Hillary Clinton has been criticized for her power suits, and Michelle Obama's accomplishments are often overlooked for her shoes.

Think about it: What more do you know about Jackie Kennedy besides her incredible mark on fashion history?

Did you know she was responsible for much of the White House's historic renovation? Opened a fully operational school on the third floor of the White House, complete with teachers and pets? Spoke a variety of languages? Was an incredibly successful book editor?

Today, the responsibilities of the first ladies of the United States extend far beyond "White House hostesses." Sure, we can still praise their style, but let's also remember their accomplishments and successes as first ladies.

Scroll through below to learn a bit more about some of them:

And yes, their fashion is still as incredible.

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Duchess Kate and Prince William dress down for visit to Canadian rainforest


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 5:51 pm

Shop this video: Finally: cleansing balm in an easy pump

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Washing your face at the end of each day can start to feel like a chore, but this soothing multi-use balm turns it into a luxury again. It not only cleanses and tones, it melts away makeup, reduces visible signs of aging, and controls breakouts; you can even leave it on for 5-10 minutes to use it as a brightening mask.

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The self-chilling wine & pint glasses
Reverse signs of aging in 20 minutes


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 5:49 pm

World Cup of Hockey: Why Team USA lost the grit battle

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No matter how smart, skilled or precise an athlete is, the universe is much bigger than stats and salaries. Without the ability to adapt, regardless of the outcome, you become extinct — much like Team USA did when they failed to advance in the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. With no shortage of talent in the NHL, how the hell does a seemingly perfect team like Team USA lose?

TJ Oshie's pre-game comment "If it comes to 100% skill, they win. 100% grit, we win" set off a spirited discussion over the merits of Skills vs.Grit.

This Tweet sums it up quite succinctly.

We decided to explain that while most professional athletes posses comparable degrees of Skills, the level of Grit varies from player-to-player.

You don't have to look too far back to find a similar "Grit vs Skills" scenario: 2016 Washington Capitals Stanley Cup run against the Pittsburgh Penguins. On paper, they were the team to beat. But when it came down to it, that Gritty X-Factor was missing and they were unable to match Pittsburgh's well rounded roster.

By looking at this Grit Factor (or variance) we can see clear examples of why and how teams can sabotage their strong Skills game.


In today's world "Skills" — while impressive and fun to watch in slow motion — are a commodity. Across every sport the media loves to hone in on the standouts like Sidney Crosby, Steph Curry, Tom Brady, Mike Trout and hold them up as untouchable. But in the absence of full context it's easy to overlook that to even compete at the Major/Pro level of any sport, mad skills are a "Must Have" requirement on the resume.

It should go without saying that EVERYONE on the bench has irrefutable talent.

With the odds of winning the Gene Pool Lottery about as good as wining the regular Lottery, most professional athletes take a different journey. They boot-strap their way through the ranks, matching the "Standouts" push-up-for-push-up. Only obstacle in their way? Their own mental endurance. Also known as their Grit Game.


Grit and passion can be fed and nurtured, but not taught. Each person is born with a certain capacity for emotion and drive and it's triggered differently.

There are many ways to define passion. In the context of sports and personality profiling, it's that ability to let go of perfection and play from a place of pure emotion; Trusting the unknown and allowing your game to evolve through a blind faith in the outcome.

Grit comes from a disregard of what "should" be and an acceptance of what "can" be.

As a writer for ZodiacHockey I use astrology to evaluate and predict how and why people react and respond in different contexts. It doesn't take much to understand how two different players with the same skill level may handle the pressure of a game totally differently.

What is more difficult to assess is the impact this unteachable Grit Factor has on a team's ability to unite toward a common goal – winning.


Grit is a contagion. Meaning it can spread rapidly and be highly impactful. Much like in many aspects of life, Grit is triggered and fueled by the masses; a shared energy, passion and desire for change and results. That said, if you're trying to trigger an emotional response from a large group, you need to have a balance of temperament. If everyone isn't inherently compatible in how they view or approach obstacles there will be an organic divide and the impact of "Grit" will be diluted.

Understanding where people derive their passion from and how they view challenges is revealed in a their astrological birth chart. The placement of the Sun, Venus and Mars at the time of their birth all provide hints to their emotional make-up and also how intuitive they are from night-to-night.

Building a roster of the right skill and temperament is the only way to win championships.



Team USA's roster had enough talent to take home the Cup, however they lacked compatibility. Emotionally they weren't in sync and their ability to get "Gritty" was visibly diluted.

By studying their roster allocation, only 17% of Team USA are Fire Signs. To win a championship you need more Fire. Fire Signs come with big egos and unwavering confidence — both attributes needed to defeat a team like Canada. What further compounded the chemistry was the high concentration of Water Signs. As everyone knows, water puts out fire and with 26% of the team water signs their energy directly conflicted with the 17% Fire Signs.

Highly emotional Water Signs can be huge assets as they are easily impacted by the Moon each night. They can contribute stellar performances one night and lack luster showings another. It's this potential for inconsistency that makes it important to not rely too heavily on them in a tournament or short series format. Water signs are quick to mentally exhaust and check out. The moody temperament of waters sign is contagious grit and quickly stifles high impact Fire Sign players.

Contrast the US allocation with Team Canada and it's easy to see why Canada has a strong and consistent showing each night.


What makes Canada unbeatable astrologically is their huge 43% Earth signs (the most technical and skilled players of the zodiac) and their 30% Fire players (the most passionate, proud and ego driven signs of the zodiac) These two alone aren't enough to win, so they carry a balance of 13% in both Air and Water signs — allowing them to avoid predictable and robotic execution. It's an impressive and appropriate allocation for a short tournament format.

Could this Canada Roster dominate across an entire season? Not likely. This roster would struggle over time with debates about the "right way" to do things and lack of satisfaction in playing time. Yes, even Team Canada has an Achilles' heel. It's not all roses every time they hit the ice, as daily planetary shifts can stir up ego issues. The only chance a team like Russia has at beating Team Canada will be to come in with Grit to spare and exploit any cracks in the Canadian ego armor.


The Grit gene is here to stay. We rely on it as we continue to evolve; seeking to perfect and preserve the best-of-the best qualities to survive. You only need to take one look at Team North America to see how the evolution of talent is unfolding in the NHL. Survival of the fittest comes from the true belief that to win and survive you need to adapt and fight for your life.

- By Jessica Abel, ZodiacHockey

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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 5:43 pm

Celebrities that you totally forgot dated

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It's no secret that Hollywood is filled with celebrities that have all dated each other. After all, when there are that many beautiful people in one place, there is bound to be overlap.

Everyone knows that stars like John Mayer and George Clooney have dated their fair share of different celebs, but for every random celebrity couple that you remember (for better or for worse), there's another pairing that you totally forgot about.

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Kim Kardashian dated Nick Cannon? Yep! Ashton Kutcher was once seeing January Jones? Apparently. Helen Mirren was once dating Liam Neeson?! Yeah, that was a thing.

With the help of the legendary Tumblr "Old Loves" -- as well as our own deep knowledge of celebrity love triangles and hookups -- we put together some of our favorite famous couples that people totally forget about. Check them out in the gallery below:

Have more that we forgot? Post them in the comments below!

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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 5:18 pm

'Will & Grace's' Debra Messing, Eric McCormack on Clinton-themed reunion and a possible revival

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"The core of our skit was to just get involved, make your voice heard and vote," that's how Debra Messing describes the nine-minute Hillary Clinton-themed Will & Grace reunion video that went viral Monday.

According to Messing (Grace) and Eric McCormack (Will), the idea of the video came from Will & Grace creator Max Mutchnick and was prompted by a need to move the show's original sets from Emerson College, where they have been housed for the past 10 years since the NBC Emmy darling concluded its eight-season run.

Below, Messing and McCormack talk about getting the gang back together with stars Sean Hayes (Jack) and Megan Mullally (Karen) joining the surprise production as a voice for the undecided, and Republican nominee Donald Trump, respectively, how it all came together and if they could revisit Will & Grace again.

Whose idea was it to do this? Walk us through how this all came together.

McCormack: It was entirely out of the blue. We knew 10 years ago, for reasons he never really explained, [co-creator] Max Mutchnick had the entire set — every detail of it, every book, box — moved across the country to his alma matter at Emerson College and that's where it's been sitting — behind glass, like at the Smithsonian Library — for 10 years. There was some deadline to give it back to him or he had to give it back to someone else so it was going to be transported across the country and that's when Max dreamed up this idea of a 10-year reunion for the election. It started with him, around early or mid-August. We all immediately said yes and then it became about finding a date. Then we miraculously did — a week ago today, last Tuesday, and we shot it Wednesday. Wednesday, by sheer coincidence, happened to be the 18th anniversary of the show premiering in 1998.

Messing: It was immediate, electric joy [when she got the call from Max]. I did not hesitate for a second. I said, "I'm in, just tell me where and when." I thought it was such an incredible idea. Will & Grace was always about being irreverent about whatever was going on in the world. With how unprecedented this election cycle has been, there's no perfect time than right now for the show to be on based on the kind of show it was and the kind of comedy we did. To find out that after 10.5 years of being away from it and be able to come back and have this reunion — and Max had the sets, which was so insane — so to do this homage sketch and revisit the characters and to have fun with what's been going on the election was heaven to me.

What was it like reuniting with everyone for the first time after 10 years?

McCormack: It was incredibly emotional. The show was always funny and fun. Rehearsals were funny, read-throughs — the very first one of the script — were always funny. Across the board, the network would always show up because they knew it was going to be funny right out of the gate. From moment one [of the reunion], there was a tremendous happiness — but also a real sadness — because we knew it was brief: it was going to be 24.5 hours and then we were going to be done. It wasn't just the four of us either; we had a lot of our original writers and producers and crew there. There was a sense of, "This is incredible and it's all going to be over way too soon."

Messing: We had our costume fittings before we saw the set for the first time and we reunited in this empty dressing room, one by one. It was a love fest. We've kept in touch over the years but the four of us have not been in same room in 10 years. It was very emotional. The four of us were having this group hug and marveling at one another and the fact that we were all together and what we were about to do. When we walked on the set, it was a very intense moment. It was shocking to be back on that set with every little prop in place. It was surreal, exciting and certainly nostalgic. But there was a kind of shock: all of our mouths were wide open and we were slowly working our way around the set saying things like, "That painting is here!" It took us about five solid minutes on the set to finally get over the shock of it.

Read more: 'Will & Grace' Cast Tackles Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Brangelina for Election-Themed Reunion

Who wrote the script for it?

McCormack: Max and David Kohan, who created the show; Gary Janetti, Bill Wrubel had a hand in it. Those were the four main writers. Then on the night we shot it, a lot of our original writers came out — Jhoni Marchinko, Tracy Poust and Jon Kinnally. There was some rewriting on the day but as always, everyone contributed. But really, this was Max and David's baby.

Who directed?

McCormack: Jim Burrows! We never did episode that Jim Burrows didn't direct. The whole point of this was, "Wouldn't this be funny if it looked like any other episode of the show." There was talk of do we play their age? But what was the point? Everybody looks great. Other than talking about the election and the iPads we had at the beginning, it could be a show from 2004, you know?

Where did you shoot it?

McCormack: It was shot on the same lot we always shot on, but we had to be really secretive. Max wanted this to have a pop and not be leaked in any way. The script was called Hot Food and all communication about it was labeled that. The set was set up in the basement underneath stages 21 and 22 at CBS Radford Studios [in Studio City, Calif.] It's not an ideal place to shoot — there's a big pillar in middle and you couldn't get any other sets there — but for us and our clandestine [production], it was perfect. We had an audience of 100 and a lot of them had no idea what they were about to see. They were friends of friends and a lot of them were told that it was something Max wanted to show them and it was called Hot Food and that's all they knew. There were these floaters hiding set and when they were pulled out of the way, there the four of us were, in full costumes, standing on the original sets intact. It was a pretty awesome moment and pretty emotional.

So there was no laugh track?

McCormack: Nope,that's the crowd. In that crowd was my son, who was 3 when the show went off the air. He was on that set but doesn't remember it. He's 14 now and got to see what made me, me. That was pretty emotional for me.

What was it like filming with so many of the original writers, Burrows and crew members all there?

Messing: It was incredible and not something I ever thought could ever be possible. When we came in to shoot it, it happened so insanely fast. We were trying to remember these big monologues. We got the script the day before and then all the sudden, we looked up at the four cameras and saw these familiar faces that started with us 20 years ago. It was incredible. At the end, we were all relieved that we had pulled it off and that it was funny, special and an accomplishment. It was fun because it was our little secret; only our little family knew about it. Of course people were saying, "I wish this wouldn't end." All department heads said, "Why can't we pick this up in a week? Why aren't we doing this? This is what the country needs with all the craziness." There was a longing to keep the family together. But at the end of the day, it was like a family coming together for a wedding: family members from far and wide, having big party, hugging and saying goodbye and realizing that we shared something really special .

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What was it like getting back into these characters after 10 years?

McCormack: These are roles that we live with for the rest of our lives and we have nothing but gratitude but all of us have had to prove ourselves in other ways. I've had to take roles that on purpose were not Will-like, so that someone like The Hollywood Reporter would write, "McCormack shows great range; no Will Truman here." That's the kind of our life now, at least for me, that I've had to do. So it's always a strange feeling because I have nothing but pride and love in the role and the show. It felt good to not have to play that game and for one or two days just exhale and think that I get to be Will again. It's just like riding a gay bicycle: you just get right back on. (Laughing.) It was very easy. At the table read, it sounded like any other Wednesday 15 years ago at the table read. I remember looking up at everyone and there were tears in their eyes with everyone laughing so hard but it was also, "Aw, man, that was a really joyous time in our lives."

Messing: It was like a switch being pulled back and it felt like we just had a two-week hiatus. The ease with which we slipped right back into play mode with one another was crazy. After eight years together, we had a shorthand and it was completely intact. There was something really thrilling about that; to know that that role will forever be ingrained in our bones and we'll have that connection forever. It's an intangible chemistry and it was really fun to experience that again. This election cycle has been very stressful for the whole country; I really needed to laugh out loud and have big belly laughs again. There was something really healing about it.

Any fun anecdotes from filming?

McCormack: The very first interview that the four of us every did on the set — in 1998 — was Donny and Marie, who still had their show at the time. Donny had all these notes on blue cards and just before the camera rolled, he threw his notes into a decorative box on Will's coffee table. Eight years later, we were shooting the finale and trying to take it in and I remembered that moment and looked in the box and Donny's notes were still there. Cut to 10 years after that, the sets were moved from Emerson College and I got to the set, looked in the box and Donny Osmond's cheat sheet is still in that box, 18 years later.

The video ends with a "Vote Honey" banner. What is that?

McCormack: I don't think you have to look too hard to figure out our politics but in general, Will & Grace — there was always four very different characters on that show and Max's idea of allowing Karen — as outrageous and insane as she is — to be the voice of Donald Trump and to allow Jack to be the voice of the undecided and millennials, perhaps, that don't get how they can contribute and why their vote counts. All of that mattered, so Vote Honey — the Honey is supposed to be Karen's voice. The vote is the important thing. Just go and vote. We hope if you're watching us that you'll figure the rest of it out.

The reunion seemed so effortless for everyone to get back into these characters. Did you talk about doing an ongoing revival at all? Is that something you would be interested in doing for a network or streaming outlet?

McCormack: There is no official talk. A lot of that started the past 36 hours on the internet, which can create its own crazy expectations. We had a great time. It's a never say never type of situation. But at this point, there is no talk. Maybe [he'd be interested in doing it]. I think you'll find that we'll all give that answer. The whole eight years was lightning in a bottle. You want to be careful that you don't mess too much with that bottle. We knew when Max said, "This is what it is: it's 10 minutes for this purpose; I have the sets." We knew that was not going to mess with it; in fact, it would very much add and be exactly the way we'd want to reunite at this point. As for the future, everyone — from Max and David on down — is so protective of the show and how we ended it. We're very proud of the series finale and the story that told of the break that friendships sometimes take. So to play with that and change that story and change our own stories in life, I'm sure we would all be open to talking about it.

Messing: The whole thing started and was over in two days. Everyone went back to their lives; I got back on a plane and went to New York and we didn't have time to really talk about it. Now that it's live, everyone has been asking: are we really coming back? Could we really come back? My response, which I've learned in the last five years, is I never say never anymore. Everything has changed so much in the TV industry; there have been reboots. Now there are platforms where you can do six or 10 episodes. I don't believe we would ever come back to network [TV] again. I think that the logistics of all of our lives, there would just be way too many things to hammer out. But for something shorter-lived and maybe having the limitations of being on network TV lifted may give us a fun, fresh opportunity because we could be really, really naughty! (Laughing.)

What didn't make cut?

McCormack: We shot 20 pages — about twice as much as what is on the internet right now. Max wanted to make sure the initial impact wasn't too long and made its impact. I'd love for the rest of it to be released. It was all really funny; some of it was political and some of what he cut wasn't political but was just a great mini-episode of the show that all took place in the apartment. It brought back memories of trusting each other.

Messing: There were hilarious things cut. The whole thing was 23 minutes long. I posted a picture of the four of us where I attack Jack and everyone is trying to pull me off him and Karen says, "I want in!" and starts rubbing up inappropriately against Will's back. It was one of those really classic sitcom funny physical comedy moments that was super fun. Rosario (Shelley Morrison) came in and she and Karen did their screaming at each other at the same time for 30 seconds and then kiss afterward. They were our greatest hits and it was only because of time that they were cut out. There were gems everywhere.

Any plans to release the full version?

Messing: That's a question for Max; I have no idea. I left there and I'm in Ohio now campaigning for Hillary Clinton. The whole thing happened and it's just been like fireworks went off and then we all had to get back to life and we haven't really talked much about it other than the excitement about the response that we're getting. We made people laugh and they were really happy to see the four characters again. I just really wanted to make people laugh, that's what it came down to for me.

What are you doing next?

McCormack: I'm doing Travelersfor Netflix in December. I'm hoping that's one everybody binges over the holiday. Right now I'm in Vancouver shooting a Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas romantic comedy movie with Kristin Davis and Shirley MacLaine. We're shooting on the streets of Vancouver and when they yell cut, Shirley and I ran to the television to try and catch the debate [last night]. It's one of those moments you remember.

Messing: Right now everything is on hold because I'm working full time for the Hillary Clinton campaign until Election Day. I have some things in development that I won't go into detail yet but do have ABC's Dirty Dancing movie event coming during sweeps.

Check out more from the cast in the gallery below!

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NFL Power Rankings: Week 4 edition

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Another week of NFL action is in the books.

Three weeks in, we're getting a better feel as to who's for real and who's in for a long three months.

SEE ALSO: 10 cities where it costs an arm and a leg to go to an NFL game

Take a look at our rankings below, and let us know what you think on Twitter at @AOLSports.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:57 pm

Closing your fake Wells Fargo credit card can actually damage your bank account

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Most people know that opening a new credit card will inevitably affect your credit score, for better or for worse.

It goes without saying, then, that closing an account would also have an affect on your credit score.

SEE ALSO: Former employees file class action against Wells Fargo

But what happens if your bank opened up a fake account in your name – do you cancel the account or leave the fake account in your name?

What might sound like an easy answer to a question that never should be posed in the first place might not be that easy to answer after all.

And for the more than 2 million victims of the Wells Fargo scandal, this is a dilemma they're currently facing.

Here's the quick rundown: When Wells Fargo opened credit cards in customers' names without telling them, their credit scores rose (without them knowing).

How is that possible?

When your bank allows you to open a credit card (especially if you already have multiple open, which most customer's most likely had), it shows that your bank trusts you to responsibly spend and pay off more money.

On top of that, opening a new credit card expands your available credit.

If you have a card open in your name that you're unaware of, you're not using it, so it looks to banks as if you're minimizing the amount of available credit you're actually using.

See the dilemma?

The answer as to what to do depends on whether or not you're in need of good credit.

Sean McQuay of NerdWallet told Yahoo Finance:

"Keeping a relic of Wells Fargo's misconduct on your credit report might feel weird, but if there's a silver lining I'd take it."

Bottom line? If you're planning on making a hefty purchase in the near future where you'll need a loan, say a mortgage or car, your fraudulent incident might not be such a bad thing after all.

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Wells Fargo employees claim they were fired for refusing to create fake accounts
Hillary Clinton: There's no place for Wells Fargo's 'outrageous behavior' in America


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This guinea pig eating spaghetti is the only thing you need to see today

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Who doesn't love a hearty plate of spaghetti and meatballs, let alone a spaghetti dinner accompanied by an adorable furry friend?

(No one, that's who.)

You won't believe just how much this little guy loves pasta -- seriously, by the time you're done watching him slurp up his noodles, you'll have forgotten all about pizza rat.

Carbs. For. DAYS.

Table manners aside, he just might be our new favorite dinner guest.

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Notre Dame football got made fun of at the presidential debate

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Notre Dame football is off to a 1-3 start, and if things weren't bad enough, the Fighting Irish got made fun of at tonight's presidential debate.

Frank Fahrenkopf, the co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates, took a friendly jab at Notre Dame President John Jenkins when he introduced him. Jenkins is in attendance tonight, as he is on the board of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Ouch. Not the kind of thing Irish fans expected to happen when the season began.

Notre Dame is off to its worst start since 2010, Brian Kelly's first year as head coach. The Fighting Irish also started 1-3 that year before seven of their last nine games to finish 8-5.


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27 photos that give an inside look at one of the biggest criminal enterprises on the planet

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The illegal wildlife trade is one of the largest criminal enterprises on the planet.

In fact, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ranks wildlife trafficking alongside the drug trade, arms dealing, and human trafficking in terms of illicit profits. A new report by the US Government Accountability Office estimates that the illegal wildlife trade "is worth an estimated $7 billion to $23 billion annually — and is pushing some animals to the brink of extinction."

Animals are sold as pets, consumed as delicacies, and used to create traditional medicines all around the globe.

Scroll through these photos for an inside look at animals that have been rescued.

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NEXT: Elephants can detect how dangerous people are by the sounds of their voices


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:43 pm

Stanford will pay you to attend its business school — but only if you agree to work in the Midwest

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A new fellowship at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, one of the top ranked business schools, covers tuition and fees for MBA students. But the program comes with a catch: Students must be willing to take a job in the Midwest.

Students often select Stanford because they know they'll get a great education and make contacts in Silicon Valley, where many of them presumably want to work after graduation. But the school has plans to funnel students to more "underserved regions," where the economy could benefit from an infusion of talent.

"When we look at our country, and we think about different places where there's still a lot of room for growth and development, the Midwest was a big part of that," Simone Hill, an assistant director for MBA admissions at Stanford, told Bloomberg.

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In its inaugural year, the Stanford USA MBA Fellowship will pay three students approximately $160,000 over two years to attend the university. Within two years of graduating, recipients are required to find work in the Midwest where they will "contribute to the region's economic development" for at least two years, according to the program website.

To qualify, applicants must demonstrate financial need and have strong ties to the Midwest, which may include current or prior residency or graduation from a high school in the region.

Stanford Graduate School of BusinessStanford Alumni/Facebook; Jereme Rauckman/Flickr; Melia Robinson/Business Insider

An online summary of costs associated with attending Stanford Graduate School of Business puts tuition and fees over $111,000 per academic year for individuals living off campus. So the fellowship's financial award might not cut it for low-income students.

The Midwest — which includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, according to the fellowship's rules of eligibility — might not seem like the hotbed of innovation that Silicon Valley is. But living in the "Silicon Prairie" has plenty of benefits, from competitive salaries to low cost of living.

The tech boom echoes across the country. Michigan and Illinois were among the five states that added the greatest percentage of tech jobs in the first six months of the year, according to an analysis of US Bureau of Labor Statistics by research firm Dice.

The Stanford program aims to find "people who are interested in bringing everything that they learned back to their region to develop it," Hill tells Bloomberg.

After this year, Stanford hopes to expand the fellowship by accepting up to eight students and adding other regions. It's considering the Southwest for the 2017 – 2018 school year.

NOW WATCH: Former Princeton admissions director reveals the biggest mistakes applicants make

Top 10 least expensive colleges:

See Also:

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Mom's brutal letter to her daughter's school goes viral

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Teenagers: Can't live with them, can't live without them.

They're moody, messy and permanently like to test your patience. Plus, the amount of food and sleep they require is out of this world.

One mother was so fed up with her daughter's refusal to get up for school, she wrote the most hilariously brutal letter. In the letter to school, she blames her daughter's "condition" as teenage-ism.

Facebook/Nicole Poppic

Except now, she can blame her tardiness on her lack of phone! No alarm, no problem.

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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:32 pm

Pulled over for speeding, grieving man stunned when officer drives him 100 miles to be with family

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TROY, Ohio (KSTU) — After finding out his teenage sister had been killed in a car accident over the weekend, Mark Ross said he wanted to be with his mother as soon as he could.

Without a vehicle, Ross said that he convinced someone he knew to drive, and jumped in the man's car just after 3 a.m. Sunday in Indiana. Ross wrote in a Facebook post that they were speeding through Ohio, bound for Detroit, when the lights flashed behind them.

"I knew I was going to jail due to a petty warrant," Ross wrote.

Ross was in the passenger seat of the car when Trooper J. Davis pulled them over, and the driver had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant as well, according to Inside Edition.

Trooper Davis ended up taking the driver into custody and having the car towed, which left Ross stranded in Ohio.

Ross explained what happened next when Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant David Robison arrived:

"I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry. He REACHES OVER AND BEGAN PRAYING OVER ME AND MY FAMILY. He offered to bring me 100 miles further to Detroit because they towed the vehicle. Everybody knows how much I dislike Cops but I am truly Greatful (sic) for this Guy. He gave me hope"

True to his word, Robison drove Ross more than 100 miles to a Detroit coffee shop where he could meet his cousin.

"It was just so overwhelming," Ross told Inside Edition. "They were trying to help us."

Ross and his family said they are so grateful for Robison's generosity, and that the sergeant has even promised to attend the funeral.


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Amy Schumer just broke a major milestone for women in comedy

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With her TV show, feature film, book deal, stand-up special, and frequent live performances, 2015 was a very big year for Amy Schumer.

Turns out, she also broke a major milestone in the process, becoming the only woman ever — ever! — to land on Forbes's list of the world's highest-paid comedians. Schumer came in fourth, with $17 million, after Terry Fator ($21 million), Jerry Seinfeld ($43.5 million), and Kevin Hart ($87.5 million).

Ironically, one project that may have helped boost Schumer up the list was her Bud Light Super Bowl commercial about the gender pay gap, for which she reportedly received a seven-figure payday. Cheers!

Check out more from Amy Schumer in the gallery below!

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Did Kate Middleton steal her safari jacket from Prince Charles?

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If you thought Kate Middleton's safari look in Canada looked familiar, it could be because she looks like she nabbed it from her father-in-law, Prince Charles.

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out in a tan, belted safari jacket from Holland & Holland during an appearance on her royal tour of Canada and she looked every inch the outdoor adventurer. She paired the jacket with Zara skinny jeans and a set of tall brown boots, which was perfect for the day of hiking around the Canadian rainforest in a remote wilderness village in British Columbia.

Middleton is regularly a savvy dresser when it comes to her wardrobe during her travels, but this time it looks like she drew inspiration from her hubby's dad.

Back in 1984, Prince Charles wore a nearly identical look during a visit to Papua New Guinea where he was set to open a new parliament house. Prince Charles kept his safari style from head-to-toe with a matching set of pants and the sleeves rolled up.

Charles Anxious

Can you believe the resemblance?

While she's new to dressing like Prince Charles, Kate has regularly been compared to her mother-in-law Princess Diana. The 34-year-old royal has donned dozens of looks that mirrored the late Lady Diana's style from her post-pregnancy dresses to her elegant evening gowns.

PHOTOS: See more photos from the Canadian Royal Tour


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:19 pm

Amoeba Music's Berkeley record store gets license to sell weed

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Amoeba Music's Berkeley location has found a new venture to stay afloat as record sales continue to decrease: an in-house medical marijuana dispensary. The store has been approved for a license to sell marijuana, Fact reports, and plans to convert its jazz section into a dispensary called Berkeley Compassionate Care Collective, which would have a separate storefront from the record store.

In an interview with Billboard in 2015, Amoeba Records co-founder Marc Weinstein admitted that the store earned half of the revenue that it did in 2008 and that it went from employing 90 people to 35. "[Marijuana is] one of the few products that a brick-and-mortar retailer can get into and consider making a living at," said Weinstein.

Amoeba Records Co-Founder Marc Weinstein on Getting Into the Pot Dispensary Business

This isn't a new concept for the music store chain: Their San Francisco location has had a dispensary, Green Evaluations, since 2014.

An employee announced the news of the license approval on Facebook.

While there aren't any exact numbers on the increase of revenue that the San Francisco dispensary has brought in, the addition was said to have helped improve foot traffic along with helping pay for half of the store's annual rent.

"People are already getting stoned and ending up at Amoeba," Brian Zisk, founder of the annual SF MusicTech Summit, told East Bay Express. "They're going to spend four times as much."

The dispensary does not have an opening date yet because of permits still pending from Berkeley's Department of Planning and Development.


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:16 pm

Bangkok's Unicorn Cafe is making our dreams come true

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No, this is not a drill.

A Unicorn Cafè in Bangkok has opened it's doors to the public recently. Covered in rainbows and glitter, and people are loving it.

So much pink.

So many colors.

So much pretty.

It's magical!

Scroll through to see another incredible cafè:

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10 breakfast cereals with more sugar than a donut
10 ways to hack the Starbucks menu this fall


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:05 pm

5-year-old girl killed while sitting on her grandfather's lap

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MILWAUKEE (WITI)-- A jury trial began Monday, September 26th for one of three men charged in connection with the shooting death of five-year-old Laylah Petersen. Petersen was shot while inside a home near 58th and Fairmount on November 6, 2014. It was a crime that shocked the city.

Laylah Petersen would have turned six years old on September 23rd, 2015. But her young life was cut short when she was shot while she was sitting on her grandfather's lap inside a home near 58th and Fairmount on November 6, 2014 -- watching TV along with her seven-year-old sister Destiny and her grandmother.

Petersen died at the hospital, as a result of two gunshot wounds to her head. Her death was ruled a homicide.

According to a criminal complaint, 12 9mm casings were recovered from the scene, along with a total of seven deformed bullets/bullet fragments. A Wisconsin Crime Lab analysis of the 12 casings revealed two firearms were used in this shooting.

"One of these bullets penetrated through the skull of five-year-old Laylah Petersen, exiting her skull inside the residence. You'll hear from the grandparents that when this happened, they were simply watching TV. One of the little girls, a sister of Laylah was reading a book, playing with her stuffed animal when all the sudden these gunshots rang into their home," Sara Lewis, prosecutor said on the first day of the jury trial for Carl Barrett Jr.

Petersen's grandmother was overcome with emotion when speaking about the events of November 6th, 2014.

"We're sitting there and all I hear is a 'ping' through the picture window and I said 'what the heck was that?' And I saw it go over my head and then I heard 'boom, boom, boom' -- three or four, and all of a sudden Robert says 'get to the floor. Get to the floor.' And then as I crawled on the ground, when I retrieved my phone I called 911 and next thing you know Robert says 'Laylah's been hit,'" Margarita Fogl said.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said the shooting death of Laylah Petersen occurred on the same day a man was acquitted in a murder trial in Milwaukee County -- and Chief Flynn said the suspects "shot the wrong house."

21-year-old Carl Barrett Jr. faces the following charges in this case:

  • First degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, as party to a crime
  • First degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon, as party to a crime (three counts)

In August, Barrett pleaded not guilty -- and Monday was the first day of his jury trial.

A criminal complaint filed in this case says Arlis Gordon was in court on November 6th, 2014 as a jury was deliberating in a homicide case. The complaint indicates Gordon was the homicide victim's "brother."

The complaint says during a break in the court proceedings, Gordon contacted a man and asked him to lend Gordon a firearm. Then, Gordon -- accompanied by Carl Barrett, met the man at Paul Farr's home, and the man gave Gordon a firearm.

According to the complaint, the firearm was a "unique looking 9mm semi-automatic handgun, green in color, with a camouflage pattern on it."

Late on the afternoon of November 6th, 2014, the jury deliberating in the homicide case acquitted the man facing charges -- issuing a not guilty verdict.

Police say following the verdict, a man reported he ran into Gordon near Sherman and Villard -- and said Gordon was "very upset," and intoxicated. That man indicated Gordon was talking about his brother's killer, and that he stated: "He killed my brother and he's getting out! This can't be going on. I'm gonna do something about it."

The complaint says around dusk on November 6th, Gordon called Farr and told them "they could come get the gun." Shortly thereafter, Farr, Barrett and another man got into Farr's vehicle and drove to a location where Gordon's family was gathering after the jury's verdict was heard.

Eventually, Gordon got into Farr's vehicle -- and the men drove towards a location referred to as "Baby Girl's house."

At one point during this ride, the complaint indicates Gordon asked that the vehicle stop, because he had to pick something up. Cell phone records showed at this point in time, Farr's phone was located very close to the scene of the homicide of Laylah Petersen (58th and Fairmount.)

The complaint says Gordon and Barrett exited the vehicle -- and Farr and the other man stayed inside.

A few seconds later, the man in the vehicle with Farr told investigators he heard "a barrage of gunfire."

Within seconds, Barrett and Gordon got back into the vehicle -- and Farr drove away.

Laylah Petersen died at the hospital, as a result of two gunshot wounds to her head.

The men continued driving towards "Baby Girl's house" on 42nd Street. There, the complaint indicates two firearms were placed on a table, and Barrett and Gordon began talking about the shooting, with Gordon telling the group: "I emptied the whole clip! We lit the whole (expletive) up!"

The complaint indicates the fourth man who was with Gordon, Barrett and Farr on November 6th told investigators he encountered Barrett in jail -- and Barrett told the man that "they meant to hit the house of Gordon's brother's killer, or the house where his baby's mama stays, but that they shot into the wrong house." Police say Gordon asked that the man "keep his mouth shut."

The home of Gordon's brother's killer's girlfriend is four blocks from the scene of the homicide (at 54th and Fairmount), according to police.

Gordon faces the following charges:

  • Second degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, as party to a crime
  • Second degree recklessly endangering safety, as party to a crime (three counts)
Gordon will be sentenced on December 8th after pleading guilty.

Farr faces two felony counts of harboring/aiding a felon. Farr has pleaded guilty to both charges as part of a deferred judgement agreement.

He will be sentenced on October 21st.

See photos from this devastating story:


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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 4:03 pm

An unlikely company is crushing America's biggest clothing stores

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An unlikely company has suddenly catapulted to the top of the fashion world: Amazon.

Amazon is now the biggest seller of clothes online in the US, with its apparel sales totalling $16.3 billion last year, Bloomberg reports.

That's more than the combined online sales of Macy's, Nordstrom, Kohl's, Gap, and Victoria's Secret parent L Brands in the same period, according to Bloomberg.

Amazon is now second only to Walmart in terms of overall apparel market share, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.

Apparel market in the USFacebook/Amazon Fashion

The company's rise as a leader in apparel sales has been swift and relatively quiet.

Amazon made one of its first major pushes into the category 10 years ago with the purchase of clothing website ShopBop. Three years later, Amazon bought online shoe retailer Zappos for $850 million.

Over the past couple years, Amazon has ramped up its investment in fashion by launching its own private-label clothing brands and sponsoring the first ever New York Men's Fashion Week.

The company has also hired executives from luxury fashion companies, such as Barneys New York fashion director Julie Gilhartogue — whom Amazon reportedly hired as a consultant — and vogue editor Caroline Palmer.

Amazon FashionFacebook/Amazon Fashion

Also in the last few years, Amazon has started to shift its fashion strategy toward offering more high-end designer names, such as Zac Posen and Stuart Weitzman.

That shift has had some industry experts scratching their heads. Luxury fashion websites are typically well-merchandised and highly curated — not things that Amazon is necessarily known for.

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But Amazon's strategy appears to be working.

Morgan Stanley analysts estimate that Amazon's apparel sales grew by $1.1 billion in the most recent quarter, while department stores Nordstrom, Sears, Macy's, Kohl's, JCPenney, and Dillard's collectively lost $225 million in apparel sales in the same period.

Amazon FashionFacebook/Amazon Fashion

Department store executives have blamed declining apparel sales on the weather and consumers' changing shopping habits, which in recent years have gravitated more toward big-ticket items like televisions and vacations over clothing.

The apparel market has only grown 1% annually in the last 15 years, according to Morgan Stanley.

Apparel Market in the USFacebook/Amazon Fashion

But department stores' loss so far has been Amazon's gain, according to Morgan Stanley analysts.

"We expect online (primarily Amazon) will continue to take share from department stores, but at an accelerating pace over the next five years given new evidence that Amazon is gaining traction in fashion," the analysts wrote in a recent note

In a 2012 interview with the New York Times, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave a simple reason for why Amazon was investing in fashion: "Gross profit dollars per unit will be much higher on a fashion item," than with cheaper products, he said.

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Tyson recalls 132,520 pounds of chicken nuggets over contamination fears

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If your inner child is craving some chicken nuggets, you might not want to choose Tyson Foods' panko breaded ones.

The company voluntarily recalled more than 132,000 pounds of its Fully Cooked Panko Chicken Nuggets on Tuesday after multiple consumers complained about finding small pieces of plastic inside the nuggets.

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While Tyson didn't explain to consumers how the plastic got into its product, the company told the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service it might have come from a plastic rod used in the production process.

The affected nuggets were sold in 5-pound packages at Costco locations across the country.

More recent product recalls:

Tyson's Nugget-Shaped Chicken Breast Pattie Fritters, which are sold under its Spare Time brand, were also found to contain pieces of plastic. Twenty-pound bulk packages of those nuggets were shipped to a wholesaler in Pennsylvania.

At the time of Tuesday's recall, no injuries had been reported in connection to the nuggets.

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