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Stop unwanted calls and texts from hitting your cellphone

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You may find this surprising. Many of us remember when people's names, addresses and phone numbers were listed in the telephone book and distributed for free. All we ever worried about were junk mail, telemarketers and the occasional prank call.

Times have changed. Phone books are now history. You can message anyone you know (or don't) on Facebook, Twitter or other means. And most importantly, your phone number is a gateway to your primary means of communication, entertainment and safety. Once your number is compromised, it's far more intrusive than ever before.

Spam texts and robocalls

Every year or so, a hoax burns like a wildfire through email inboxes and social networks warning that all cellphone numbers are about to go public. It also says there's a deadline to register your cellphone and, once registered, it only blocks your number for five years.

Oddly enough, the only thing the hoax message gets right is the number to call. For the record, mobile telephone numbers have never been in any danger of being made public or released to telemarketers. Additionally, there has never been a deadline to register your cellphone. And you don't need to renew every five years (this was a rule for landlines that was axed in 2007).

If you get an unsolicited marketing call on your cellphone, first ask the caller how they got your number and firmly tell them you don't want to be contacted again. If they call back, file a complaint with the FTC at or 1-888-382-1222.

But these days, many companies find it cheaper, easier and more profitable to send advertisements by text.

You may also receive a host of "robocalls," pre-recorded messages that automatically play when you pick up. With so many cellphone numbers being collected in databases, companies have a massive list of potential customers.

Remember that texts, robocalls, and telemarketers may just as likely be scammers in disguise. Use extreme caution when answering these messages, and never give away personal data. Click here to learn how to stop telemarketing calls for good.

Better yet, you can install apps on your phone that keep annoying telemarketers off your line.Click here for three apps that protect you from tele-predators.

People know it is you calling when your caller ID pops up on their phone, but it doesn't have to be like that. There are two ways to keep your identity secret while making a call: one is permanent, the other is temporary on a call-by-call basis.Here's a tip that covers both methods.

Next page: Check your apps, and more tips for stopping annoying calls and texts

Check your apps

When you receive an unwanted solicitation by phone, you may wonder: How did they get my number? You've only given it to friends. You haven't posted your number on social media. You barely use your phone to make calls anymore. So what gives?

People hand over their numbers often without even realizing it. When you install a new app, you receive a lengthy "terms of service" document. Buried in that fine print, there is often a clause about releasing your number to third parties. By accepting these terms of service, you typically give the company permission to use or sell your cellphone number.

For example, PrivacyGrade took a look at the Brightest LED Flashlight app and found it can read the phone's current state information like phone signal, carrier, device ID and phone number. Before you install an app, take a moment to learn exactly what information the app is collecting and how the developers intend to use the data.

Fortunately, most of the heavy lifting has been done for you. Click here to learn more about how PrivacyGrade shows you an A+ to D rating on any given app's permissions.

Social media and phone numbers

Many people are careless on Facebook, giving criminals heaps of personal information without a second thought. They post their birthdays and home addresses, and they even indicate when they're home or away.

Putting your cellphone number on social media can be hazardous, especially if you have a lot of "friends" who you don't know in real life. You may have tight privacy settings, but if you agree to be friends with a stranger, your data could be easily copied and pasted into nefarious hands.

Use your thinking cap. You may find it easy to find volunteers for your upcoming benefit by posting your cell number on Twitter. You may take a picture of your "Missing Dog" sign and post it on Instagram. But the short-term benefits aren't worth the potential data breach.

Phone numbers and security verification

Password? Check. Secret security question? Check. Phone number?

More and more, secure websites are using your phone number to verify your identity. If you have an Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Apple account, give them your cellphone number in your security settings. This way, if someone signs into your account using a new device or location, you receive an immediate alert.

In addition, you can also receive an alert if someone tries to change your password. If a hacker steals your password and tries to log in to your account on an unknown computer, the site will ask them for the second code. Unless the hackers also stole your phone and were able to unlock it, they would not have the second code needed to log in.

It's called two-factor authentication and it's an important safety measure. If you have not set it up yet, don't wait for something bad to happen.Click here to learn how to secure your online accounts now.

Are you starting to wonder what other kinds of data that you're sharing without realizing it? I cover this topic regularly on my national radio show. Be sure to listen or download my podcasts, orclick here to find it on your local radio station. You can listen to theKim Komando Show on your phone, tablet or computer. From buying advice to digital life issues,click here for my free podcasts.

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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 5:00 am

This may be the best and easiest gift of the holiday season

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This post was created by our Shop on AOL curators, who share the best products at great prices.

Everyone sends chocolate and sweets over the holidays, so why not mix it up for once? Holiday-themed flowers are the perfect gift for the season, especially for someone you know will be throwing an annual bash! Plus, all you have to do is order online and your flowers will be delivered at the perfect moment.

We're officially obsessed with Teleflora, a flower delivery company that works with local florists to get bouquets delivered, even last minute. Save big and support small business all in one purchase! With this limited-time deal, you'll pay $20 for a $40 credit to be used site-wide. Not looking to send holiday flowers? Use the credit for the next anniversary or birthday that comes up!

This deal won't last long, so snag your coupon and make someone's day with a beautiful bouquet!

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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 5:00 am

Top gifts for the music lover in your life

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There are a number of products worth giving music lovers this holiday season -- but we've identified some of the best ones. With the latest music technology to the coolest tour merchandise, finding the perfect item won't be hard with this comprehensive gift guide for audiophiles.

Shop the best gifts for all music lovers

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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 5:00 am

Facebook admits that resisting standards for fake news was 'wrong'

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In the wake of criticism about fake news, Facebook has admitted that its stance of resisting any standards of news on its platform was "wrong."

"For so long, we had resisted having standards about whether something's newsworthy because we did not consider ourselves a service that was predominantly for the distribution of news. And that was wrong!" Facebook VP of global comms, Elliot Schrage, said on a panel about the election and the media, Vox reported on Friday.

In recent weeks, Facebook has been taken to task for how widely and effectively fake news spread on its platform. A study by BuzzFeed showed that in the lead-up to the election, the top fake-news stories on Facebook outperformed legitimate news stories shared by some of the most popular media companies.

Facebook's response was initially dismissive, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying particularly that "the idea that fake news on Facebook — it's a very small amount of the content — influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea."

Facebook, however, has recently begun to reevaluate its stance of fake news. Zuckerberg outlined several steps the company is taking to clamp down on the spread of misinformation, and other execs are actively discussing Facebook's role in the spread of media.

But Facebook has stopped short of pledging to have an editorial role. "It is not clear to me that with 1.8 billion people around the world, lots of different users and lots of different languages, the smart strategy is to start hiring editors," Schrage said. "That's just not what we do."

In a talk on Thursday, Patrick Walker, a Facebook media partnerships exec, went a bit further. "We do not think of ourselves as editors," Walker said during the News Xchange conference in Dublin. "We believe it's essential that Facebook stay out of the business of deciding what issues the world should read about. That's what editors do."

Still, Facebook has admitted that it needs to take some action. "We have a responsibility here. I think we recognize that. This has been a learning for us," Schrage said.

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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 4:00 am

Shop this video: Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer

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The average household throws approximately $3500 of food away every year. The reason? That food is going bad before families can use it. That's why these compactor food storage containers are so brilliant: they keep food fresher, longer, saving you money. Watch lifestyle expert Marcy McKenna show you how they work.

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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 4:00 am

Usain Bolt — the greatest sprinter in history — says he could have had a better career if he'd been 'more serious'

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Usain Bolt's career is a disappointment to nobody — except, perhaps, to Bolt himself.

Speaking from the IAAF awards after winning male Athlete of the Year, Bolt said if he could go back in time, he would change one thing: taking his sport more seriously early in his career to have won more medals.

"When I look back the only real thing I think I would change was to have got more serious more quickly," Bolt said, according to Reuters' Mitch Phillips.

"I was relying more on my talent. If I'd got more serious I think I would have done a lot more in my career. It's shocking but it's true. Maybe if I'd started younger I'd have had four Olympics."

Bolt said that after losing to US sprinter Tyson Gay at the 2007 World Championships, his trainer motivated him to get better.

See Bolt through the years:

"After I lost I remember going to my coach saying, 'I really tried my best but what can I do to win because I really need to win?' He said, 'You're slacking off in the gym. If you want to win you have to get stronger.' So I was like 'alright'. I knew what I needed to do and from then I took the step and just worked and worked."

Bolt is largely considered the greatest sprinter of all time. He completed a triple-triple in the Rio Olympics this year, winning gold medals in the 100-, 200-meter, and 4x100-meter in for the third time in his career, to bring his gold medal total to nine.

Bolt added that he is reducing his workload for one more season in which he'll only run the 100-meter.

Bolt didn't disappoint in dominating three Olympic games, and he went out on top, but what he could have been if he took his sport more seriously is a tantalizing thought.

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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 4:00 am

Shop this video: How to brighten eyes for a youthful look

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Want younger-looking, more vibrant eyes in an instant? This anti-aging duo from Studio 10 will brighten, define and even smooth the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes. Watch Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg show you how to get bright, younger looking eyes to mesmerize, step-by-step.


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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 4:00 am

What's next for Obamacare?

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Donald Trump's victory means his campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act may soon become reality, a fact that has many people worried about the future of their health insurance coverage.

Open enrollment for Obamacare health plans is underway now and will run through Jan. 31, 2017 – just a few days after Trump is sworn into office. (To have insurance in place by the first of the year you have to sign up by Dec. 15.)

Americans are already signing up for health insurance for 2017 through the exchanges. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently announced that more than 2 million people have picked a plan via since the start of open enrollment – that's 167,000 more plans selected than during the period last year.

Still, the threat of repeal looms. In a recent interview with Fox News Sunday, vice president-elect Mike Pence said Trump has made the decision to focus immediately on repealing the health reform law "and beginning the process of replacing Obamacare with the kind of free-market solutions that he campaigned on."

Action to repeal major parts of the law may happen quickly, but Republicans, if successful, are likely to delay any changes to the existing system, experts say, until at least 2019 – a move that would minimize disruptions for the health care industry and the more than 20 million Americans who gained insurance under the law by maintaining the status quo while Republicans craft a plan to replace Obamacare.

It would also prevent voters from experiencing any changes to their existing health care coverage until after the 2018 mid-term elections.

These are uncertain times, and we don't yet know exactly how plans to repeal and replace Obamacare will shake out. But here's what we do know: The health care law – at least for now – remains intact, and open enrollment for 2017 health insurance coverage is underway.

For those interested in being insured next year, John Desser, vice president of public policy and government affairs with eHealth, has a suggestion: "Pretend like nothing's happened. It's all noise that affects things down the road and not insurance that starts in January."

With open enrollment in full swing, here's what you need to know.

[See: How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan.]

Where to Shop

You have a few ways to buy health insurance. Plans are sold through both the federal and state-run exchanges. You can also shop for plans on the private market – say, directly from an insurance company. But tax credits that lower the cost of health insurance are only available to you if you buy a policy sold through the federal and state marketplaces. Go to, and click on "Take the first step to apply." You'll be asked to enter your state and then be directed to the marketplace for your area to begin shopping.

If You're Eligible for Tax Credits

According to the Commonwealth Fund, nearly two-thirds of uninsured adults who said they know about the marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act also said they haven't shopped for a health plan because they didn't think they could afford the coverage.

"What we've found is that the majority of people who remain uninsured do want health coverage, and the reason most of them say they haven't enrolled is because they assume they can't afford it," says Anne Filipic, president of Enroll America, a nonprofit that helps people sign up for health coverage. "The majority of people [who] think they can't afford it don't know about the financial assistance that's available."

About 12 million people who remain uninsured and as many as 2.5 million people already buying insurance and paying full price for their policies are eligible for subsidies they aren't taking advantage of.

Tax credits come in two forms:

  • Premium tax credits lower the monthly cost of insurance. If you earn less than $47,520 per year, or are part of a family of four with an annual income of no more than $97,200, you may qualify.
  • Cost-sharing subsidies help lower out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles and copays, and are available to people earning up to $29,700 a year ($60,750 for a family of four).

"For people who don't have coverage, it's worth looking into it because they may be surprised" that they qualify for financial help, says Rachel Garfield, Kaiser Family Foundation's associate director for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

In addition to subsidies, 31 states and the District of Columbia now make Medicaid coverage available to those with incomes up to just above $16,000 per year. As of now, 6.4 million people without coverage are eligible for Medicaid but haven't signed up, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Even if you've previously checked your eligibility and found that you didn't qualify, go back and check again, experts advise. You can do that by logging onto, or by using the online calculators offered by Get Covered America or the Kaiser Family Foundation.

[See: Infographic: How to Read Your Hospital Bill.]

Surprise! Your 2017 Premiums Costs May Drop

The headlines going into the open enrollment period painted a bleak picture of pricey monthly premiums set to increase by an average of 22 percent in federal and state marketplaces for 2017.

But for most people buying coverage through, those headlines don't represent what they'll actually pay. Subsidies are tied to the price of the second least expensive silver plan in your area, also known as the benchmark plan, and your income. As premiums rise, so does the amount of financial help available for those who are eligible.

The results can be paradoxical. A recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard found that most people signing up for coverage through – who buy the lowest cost silver plan – will actually see their premium drop by an average of 16 percent in 2017, despite rising costs. "For a large fraction of individuals enrolled through, they could potentially save money," says lead author Dr. John Hsu, associate professor of medicine and health policy at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital. "Subsidies offer increasing protection in an era of rising premiums."

In parts of the country where prices increased the most, savings may be even greater. For example, in Maricopa County, Arizona, premiums will more than double next year. The Harvard study found, however, that people enrolled in the lowest cost silver plan both this year and next will see their premiums reduced by an average of 67 percent in 2017.

[See: How to Help Aging Parents Manage Medications.]

Where to Get Help

Although online tools baked into and many state and private insurance exchanges can help you pick the right health plan, choosing the best coverage for you and your family can be confusing. Add to that the complicated matter of estimating your annual income for 2017 – a projection that's required when you apply for tax credits.

"That can be challenging for people who don't have the traditional white collar job with a salary," says Sabrina Corlette, a research professor with Georgetown University's Center on Health Insurance Reforms. "Figuring that out almost requires a Ph.D. in tax law, so that can trip people up."

An inaccurate estimate can result in taking too little financial help or taking too much, which can lead to a tax bill requiring you to pay back the excess. Given the changing political environment, however, it's unclear whether the government would enforce either the repayment of subsidies or taxes resulting from going uninsured (the greater of $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of annual income).

You can tap into local, in-person help by logging onto and Community organizations as well as insurance brokers certified to sell plans both on and off the government-run exchanges are able to assist.


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Posted on 4 December 2016 | 4:00 am

US birth rate is dropping, but other countries have it much worse

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The fertility rate in the U.S. is on the decline, but many other countries have much lower numbers.

According to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. rate dropped to 62.3 births per 1,000 women, the lowest level since the government started keeping track in 1909.

We don't know exactly why fertility rates are falling in America, but experts have some ideas. Many women have started getting pregnant later in life, and the birth rate among teenagers has fallen.

Celebrity babies born this year:

The U.S. Census Bureau says the falling fertility rate probably won't shrink the population in the long term. It is still predicting the U.S. will reach 400 million people by 2051.

SEE MORE: Side Effects Halt Trial Of Male Birth Control

But it's a different story in other parts of the world.

Singapore's rate sits at 8.4 births per 1,000 people. A few years ago, the government started offering people financial incentives to get pregnant, and Mentos mints released a promotional video to hopefully kickstart the country's baby-making.

In the mid-2000s, Russia took it one step further with "Conception Day," where citizens got the day off of work so they could ... you know. Bonus: If you had a baby nine months later, you could get a prize. Sexy.

But in Russia's case, it must be working. A few years after that program began, the nation's birth rate started going up.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 8:49 pm

Green Party's Stein drops Pennsylvania presidential recount bid

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Dec 3 (Reuters) - Green Party candidate Jill Stein abruptly dropped her bid to seek a recount of the presidential election vote in Pennsylvania after a judge ordered her campaign to post a $1 million bond, a spokesman said on Saturday.

"Petitioners are regular citizens of ordinary means. They cannot afford to post the $1,000,000 bond required by the court," an attorney for the Stein campaign wrote in court papers, according to an email from spokesman Sam Scarrow.

"How odd is it that we must jump through bureaucratic hoops and raise millions of dollars so we can trust our election results?" Stein said on Twitter.

The campaign of Republican President-elect Donald Trump had requested a $10 million bond, court papers showed.

See images of Jill Stein:

Stein, who garnered only about 1 percent of the vote, has also sought recounts in Michigan and Wisconsin, saying that she wants to ensure the integrity of the U.S. voting system.

Trump, who beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election, has called the recount effort a "scam."

Clinton's campaign has said it would take part in the recounts.

Even if all of the recounts were to take place, they are extremely unlikely to change the overall outcome of the election.

The presidential race is decided by the Electoral College, or a tally of wins from the state-by-state contests, rather than by the popular national vote.

Trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win, with 306 electoral votes, and the recount would have to flip the result to Clinton in all three states to change the overall result.

In the popular vote, Clinton had a margin of more than 2.5 million votes over Trump, the Cook Political Report said.

(Reporting by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Bill Rigby and Tom Brown)


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 8:13 pm

How to get a quick, easy holiday look

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I thought I would just give you a little holiday wardrobe inspo.

A dress, boots and coat are a quick easy way to look chic for any Holiday event. Ruffles, bell sleeves, embroidery, velvet, and lots of texture are a simple way to dress it up without a whole lot of fuss.. Add a tiny cross body bag and you're ready to go..

For this look I went with a bold lip and dark nails because neither ever goes out of style.

Holiday dresses, How to dress for the holiday season, velevt over the knee boots, fashion blogger, fashion blog, Taye Hansberry, top fashion bloggers, top ten fashion bloggers, bold lips,

The Look:

Dress: BeBe // Boots: Zara (Similar HERE) // Bag: Miu Miu // Coat: French Connection // Ring: Tacori // Lips: Nars // Nails: Nars // Hair: Nicolas Flores

Photo: Mike Paradise


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 7:29 pm

Bergdahl seeks pardon before Trump takes office

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WASHINGTON, Dec 3 (Reuters) - U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who is charged with desertion for walking away from his combat post in Afghanistan in 2009, has asked President Barack Obama for a pardon, the White House said on Saturday.

Obama will relinquish office on Jan. 20 to Republican President-elect Donald Trump, who made caustic comments about the sergeant during the presidential campaign that drew complaints from Bergdahl's defense team.

Trump savaged Bergdahl as "a no-good traitor who should have been executed" and criticized the prisoner swap in 2014 that won his release.

See images of the sergeant:

Bergdahl, 30, is facing a court-martial with a potential life sentence on charges of desertion and endangerment of U.S. troops after he walked away from his post in Afghanistan. He was captured by the Taliban and became a prisoner for five years.

The White House has received Bergdahl's pardon application, but could not comment on pending cases per standard practice, an official said on Saturday on condition of anonymity.

U.S. military prosecutors have said the 45-day search for Bergdahl after he left his post put soldiers' lives at risk and diverted attention from the fight against the Taliban.

Bergdahl was freed in a prisoner swap involving the release of five Taliban leaders held by the United States. The deal drew heavy criticism from Republicans.

In January, Bergdahl lawyer Eugene Fidell said Trump had made "appalling" comments about the sergeant and might be called as a witness in the court-martial.

In August, defense lawyers asked to have the charges against the former prisoner of war dismissed, arguing comments made by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain violated his due process rights. The filing quoted McCain as saying the committee would hold a hearing if Bergdahl received no punishment and that U.S. soldiers' lives were put in danger by having to look for him.

Now that Trump is president-elect, a fair military trial will be impossible, Fidell told The New York Times.

"I have grave concerns as to whether Sergeant Bergdahl can receive a fair trial given the beating he has taken over many months from Mr. Trump, who will be commander in chief, as well as Senator McCain's call for a hearing in case Sergeant Bergdahl is not punished," Fidell said. "It is really most unfair." (Reporting by Ayesha Rascoe and Doina Chiacu; Editing by Alistair Bell)


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 7:25 pm

3 recipes for when life hands you lemons

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This too will pass. When one door closes, a new one opens. It was probably for the best. You're not the first one this has happened to. The sun will come out tomorrow. And many other useless things people say when others have suffered loss...

We have all gone through surprising or painful loss. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is the loss of a job. Worse, the loss of a loved one. For about half the people who have tried marriage, divorce is a reality they have to face at some point. All of these situations can negatively affect the bottom line. As bad as the initial loss is, nothing is scarier than a sudden loss of necessary income. At that point, grief is a luxury you can no longer afford. Your new priority is finding money for the mortgage, the car payment, the babysitter, and all of your other responsibilities that don't go away on account of you suffering loss.

So when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Better still, here are three things you should do for a smoother transition:

when life hands you lemons

1. Learn a New Skill
It always seems like it is never the right time to start something new. But when you suffer a loss, especially a loss of income, there is almost no better time. Once you have lost that which kept you tied to the status quo, you have the opportunity to try something new, and maybe a little bit crazy.

In times like these, some aspiring hair stylists turn to the Academy of Hair Design to pursue their dreams of becoming a stylist, or other specialty schools. Pursuing this type of goal is the perfect way to get back into the game of life or three reasons:

  1. It is what you always wanted to do
  2. It takes a short time to get your certification and get to work compared to other career options
  3. It helps you meet new people and get started on making new memories

Starting something new will not make you forget what you have lost. But it will help keep you from sinking into depression. And a new career will also help keep the bill collectors at bay.

2. Work on Your Health and Fitness
There are many practical things you should do immediately after losing your job. Polishing up your resume is one of the most useful tasks, especially because so many people forget to do it. But the list of things you should do goes beyond professional and financial considerations.

A little time off work is not all bad. You can finally make use of that gym membership. Instead of getting up early and getting ready for work, you now have time to take a walk, or even a jog if your knees can take it. It is also a perfect time to start a better diet than the one you sank into due to your busy work schedule. No matter what the next chapter of your life looks like, it will be easier and more productive if you kick things off with a fitter, healthier you.

3. Rediscover Yourself
Many people have no self-identity outside of the people in their lives. A serious loss can be a serious blow to one's self-image. That is why it is a good idea to take a little time off to reassess who you are without that which you have lost.

For some, this takes the form of a spiritual journey. Psychology Today offers 5 ways to rediscover the real you. But they are just the tip of the iceberg. This may be a good time to take that trip to the place you always wanted to visit. Watch some of those movies you never got around to. Get that hairstyle that you always liked, but thought no one else would. It is not about spending money you don't have but ceasing to suppress the things that might help you rediscover yourself. You know everyone else's favorite food, favorite movie, favorite color, etc. Isn't it time you learned those things about yourself?

Learn a new skill. Get fit. And rediscover yourself. The most important ingredient for life's lemonade is you.

The post Lemonade: 3 recipes for when life hands you lemons appeared first on MoneyMiniBlog.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 7:00 pm

Muslim woman attacked by men shouting Donald Trump's name on NYC subway: police

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Manhattan, New York (WPIX) -- Three men attempted to rip a hijab off a 18-year-old Muslim woman Thursday, calling her a "terrorist" and shouting Donald Trump's name as she rode the subway through Manhattan, police sources say.

The trio boarded a northbound 6 train at the 23rd Street stop around 10 p.m. Thursday and started yelling racist remarks and the president-elect's name at her, the victim told police.

Police say that as the men came closer to her, one of them said, "Look at the f—ing terrorist." Then the men, described as in their early 20s, pulled on the woman's bag to get her attention, breaking the strap, sources said.

As she moved to the other end of the subway car, they allegedly followed her, telling her to "take that thing off," referring to her hijab, sources said.

The incident lasted for several stops as they attempted to pull her hijab off, police said.

The woman, a New Hyde Park resident who was coming from an event at Baruch College, was able to exit the train at the Grand Central-42nd Street stop, sources said.

The men appeared highly intoxicated, the victim told detectives.

The incident is being investigated by the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force. Police are reviewing surveillance video to identify the men involved.

Submit tips to police by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) visiting, or texting 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577. Spanish-speaking callers are asked to dial 1-888-57-PISTA (74782).


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 6:14 pm

Ann Coulter says Trump may 'sell out' on immigration 

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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter's strong support of President-elect Donald Trump may be faltering.

The Wrap reports that "Coulter appears to be angry over Trump backing off his campaign promise to build a wall around the United States as part of his immigration policy."

On Friday, she responded to someone on Twitter who expressed concernabout Republicans' forthcoming work on immigration.

Coulter tweeted back, "Sounds like the big sell-out is coming. Oh well. The voters did what we could. If Trump sells out, it's not our fault."

However, in a recent blog post she had a stronger point of view, writing, "...if Trump doesn't appoint the sort of people capable of fulfilling his campaign promises on immigration, he will fail."

During the presidential campaign, Coulter admitted that one of the main reasons she backed Trump was because of his tough approach to illegal immigration.

Her tweet has triggered a mixed response, with one user commenting, "I will give you credit on one thing: The voters did what they could by 2.5 million more voting Clinton. We tried to warn you all."


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 5:48 pm

Wal-Mart to settle U.S. lawsuit over benefits for same-sex spouses

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(Reuters) - Wal-Mart Stores Inc on Friday said it would pay $7.5 million to settle a U.S. lawsuit claiming it discriminated against gay employees nationwide by denying health benefits to their spouses.

Wal-Mart and lawyers for Jacqueline Cote, the worker who filed the 2015 lawsuit in federal court in Boston, said in a court filing that the money may be split among more than 1,000 people who were denied spousal benefits between 2011 and 2014, when Wal-Mart changed its policy.

Related: Wal-Mart loses pay fight with truck drivers

The settlement must be approved by a federal judge.

Sally Welborn, a senior vice president at Bentonville, Arkansas-based Wal-Mart, said in a statement that diversity and inclusion were among the company's core values.

"We will continue to not distinguish between same and opposite sex spouses when it comes to the benefits we offer under our health insurance plan," she said.

Wal-Mart, the largest private U.S. employer, began offering health insurance benefits to same-sex spouses in 2014, a year after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a provision of the federal Defense of Marriage Act that denied benefits to married gay couples.

Cote, who has worked at Wal-Mart stores in Maine and Massachusetts since 1999, said in the lawsuit that her wife, Diana Smithson, developed cancer in 2012 and Wal-Mart's denial of insurance coverage led to more than $150,000 in medical debt. Smithson died in March.

Cote in a statement on Friday said she was pleased with the settlement.

"It's a relief to bring this chapter of my life to a close," she said.

Federal employment discrimination laws do not explicitly provide protections for gay workers. But LGBT groups and the Obama administration have aggressively pushed the argument that bias against gay people is a form of sex discrimination, and three federal appeals courts are currently considering that claim.

The case is Jacqueline Cote v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, No. 15-cv-12945.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 4:07 pm

Heavy teenage drinking linked to abnormal brain development

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Teens who drink heavily are more likely than their peers to have less gray matter, an important brain structure that aids in memory, decisions, and self-control, according to a Finnish study.

The study was observational, so it is impossible to say whether heavy drinking caused this stunted brain development. People may have less brain matter due to genetic factors, and this abnormality may make them more likely to abuse alcohol, the researchers write in the journal Addiction.

"Substance use has been found to be connected to social exclusion, mental health problems and lower educational attainment," said lead author Noora Heikkinen of the University of Eastern Finland.

Having less gray matter may cause similar problems, as gray matter contains most of the brain's neurons and plays an important role in memory, emotions, decision-making, and self-control.

"Brain structural changes might be one factor that contributes to the social and mental problems among substance-using individuals," Heikkinen told Reuters Health by email.

To explore the effect of alcohol use on developing teenage brains, the researchers studied 62 young adults who were participating in the Finnish Youth Wellbeing Study.

Between 2013 and 2015, the participants filled out questionnaires, answering questions about how often they drank and how many drinks they consumed.

The participants had all completed similar questionnaires five and 10 years earlier, starting at age 13.

As teens, 35 of the participants fell into the category of heavy drinkers. For example, they drank four or more times a week, or they drank less often but when they did, they drank heavily. The other 27 young adults in the study were considered light drinkers.

No one in either group showed symptoms of depression or other serious mental illnesses. Heavy and light drinkers had similar rates of anxiety, personality disorders, and drug use. Heavy drinkers were significantly more likely to smoke cigarettes than light drinkers, however.

But when participants underwent brain scans to look at gray matter and other brain structures that may be affected by alcohol use, the heavy drinkers had smaller volumes of gray matter in several brain areas when compared with the light drinking group.

Specifically, those areas are known as the bilateral anterior cingulate cortex, the right orbitofrontal and frontopolar cortex, the right superior temporal gyrus and the right insular cortex.

The frontal section of the brain, which helps people plan and make decisions, continues developing until people reach their early 20s, said Samantha Brooks, a lecturer at the University of Cape Town in South Africa who studies the effects of drinking on adolescents.

During this period of brain development, teens are in a "vulnerability window" where they may be more likely to develop substance use problems, said Brooks, who was not involved in the study.

In addition, if teens drink heavily during this sensitive time, they may cause damage to their brains that can make their drinking behavior worse and cause other problem behaviors like missing school or having unsafe sex, Brooks said.

"Parents and teachers must be alert to the vulnerability window during adolescence, and seek help as early as possible, to prevent more serious damage to the brain," Brooks said by email.

Stopping alcohol use can increase gray matter volume when it is done early enough, Heikkinen noted. "However, when alcohol use has continued for a long time, some structural changes become irreversible," Heikkinen warned.

"Teenage years are very important for brain development, and alcohol can tamper with this process," Heikkinen said.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 3:46 pm

Trump targets another company, draws Sanders' criticism

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WASHINGTON, Dec 3 (Reuters) - President-elect Donald Trump, after threatening consequences for companies that move jobs overseas, turned to another Indiana company planning a move to Mexico, drawing a rebuke from former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday.

"Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers. This is happening all over our country. No more!" Trump said in a Friday night Twitter post.

Rexnord Corp, an industrial supplier based in Milwaukee, announced plans in October to move a bearing plant, and its 300 jobs, from Indianapolis to Mexico, employees told the Indianapolis Star at the time.

Company representatives on Saturday did not respond to a request for comment on Trump's tweet.

The Republican, who takes office on Jan. 20, warned on Thursday of consequences for companies that move jobs out of the United States but did not specify what they would be.

Trump, who campaigned on promises to keep manufacturing jobs from fleeing the country, claimed credit for a deal in which Indiana state officials agreed to give United Technologies Corp $7 million worth of tax breaks to encourage the company to keep around 1,000 jobs at its Carrier unit in Indianapolis instead of hiring in Mexico.

The agreement was less than a complete victory for Trump, as the air conditioner maker will still send an estimated 1,300 jobs there.

Critics, including some Republicans, said making such agreements with individual companies amounted to corporate welfare and was not an effective way of keeping or generating U.S. jobs.

Sanders, who criticized U.S. trade policy in his race against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, said Trump's deal with Carrier set a "very dangerous precedent" of having taxpayers subsidize multibillion dollar corporations to "beg them" to keep jobs in the country.

On Saturday, he challenged Trump over his Rexnord tweet.

"What are you going to do, @realDonaldTrump? Stand up for working people or give the company a massive tax break?" Sanders tweeted in response to Trump's post.

Sanders supports tougher policies on corporations for outsourcing.

During the presidential campaign, Trump said his administration would put a 35 percent import tariff on goods made by American manufacturers that moved jobs offshore. He frequently pilloried Carrier for planning to move production to Mexico as he appealed to blue-collar voters in the Midwest, including in Indiana, whose governor, Mike Pence, is the vice president-elect.

It is unclear what steps would have to be taken by federal authorities before Trump could retaliate against individual companies shifting jobs abroad. (Reporting by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Alistair Bell and Richard Chang)


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 3:17 pm

Fall suede is just what you need

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Who's ready for the weekend friends? I'll give you a hint... THIS GIRL is!

Old Navy 'Teddy Bear' Coat (Similar Here, Here & Here) &
Sweater (Similar) | ZARA Suede Skirt (Similar Here & Here) |
Forever 21 Booties (Similar)

Now back to today's look: I've been living in this suede skirt from ZARA recently (similar ones linked for you above & below!). I paired it with a favorite burgundy sweater from Old Navy, and some classic brown booties.

The weather in NYC has been so perfect recently, and my fingers are crossed in the hopes that we have a mild winter this year!

photography by Jennie.

The post fall suede first appeared on Leopard Martini.

More from Leopard Martini


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 2:39 pm

Megyn Kelly responds to reports she might leave Fox News: 'Don't believe a thing'

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Megyn Kelly has responded to reports that she will leave Fox News for another network, asking her Twitter followers to not "believe a thing."

On Thursday, The Drudge Report ran an exclusive headline that read, "Megyn Kelly May Jump Networks." The story read that CNN President Jeff Zucker is "actively perusing FOX star Megyn Kelly to anchor 8 or 9 pm network on his network." According to the report, Kelly's contract is up in July 2017, but CNN would have trouble paying her the "$20 million a year Fox has on the table."

RELATED: Megyn Kelly's new book "Settle for More"

"The anchor is 'despised' by fellow on-air talent. And FOX insiders describe how it's gotten only worse since the release of her book, which is expected to end the holidays under 500,000 total copies sold. [Megyn refused to promote her book on both O'Reilly and Hannity, foreshadowing a move]," read the story on Drudge. "Zucker at CNN would compensate her salary with heavy promotion and synergy across all TIME WARNER outlets."

Also Read:Megyn Kelly Takes Jab at Bill O'Reilly's Claim to 'No. 1 Cable News Show'

In a recent interview with Adweek, Kelly said, "You know, I'm seriously considering my future and I do feel very grateful that I have a spot at Fox News. I really have respect for the Murdochs. I haven't known them very well but I've come to know them and so far I like everything I've seen. So the thought of working for them is very alluring. But I have to figure this one out and give it all the consideration it deserves because I've got these three little people with me who I really love and want to see as well. This is a big one for me and I don't want to screw it up."

The popular news anchor, who during the election had several altercations with president-elect Donald Trump, recently released a book titled "Settle for More," which discloses those various incidents with Trump, including offers of gifts and threats of vengeance.

Also Read:Megyn Kelly's New Book Gets Trolled by Donald Trump Supporters on Amazon

Trump and Kelly's feud dates back to a GOP primary debate last year, during which Kelly listed a number of derogatory terms the business mogul had used for women, including "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals." Trump went on the attack soon after, slamming Kelly on Twitter and later telling CNN's Don Lemon that the Fox News host had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever," a comment that many interpreted as a reference to menstruation.

Read original story Megyn Kelly Responds to Reports She Might Leave Fox News: 'Don't Believe A Thing' At TheWrap


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 2:01 pm

Kanye West's hospitalization reportedly a result of altered medication for longstanding 'psychological issues'

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Kanye West's recent 8-day hospitalization was the result of an altered medication intake for his "longstanding psychological issues," TMZ reported on Saturday.

The website cited sources that said the rapper had been taking medication for years, but "deviated from the prescribed dosage" after his wife, Kim Kardashian, was robbed at gunpoint in early October during Paris Fashion Week.

SEE ALSO: Jackie Kennedy allegedly contemplated suicide after JFK's death

The trauma of the terrifying incident evidently had a large effect on both Kardashian and West, who have both changed their behavior ever since. For her part, Kardashian has stayed away from the public eye almost completely, with the exception of a few spottings in public and photos released through her official app.

West, though, had exhibited a series of erratic and concerning behaviors during each stop of his Saint Pablo Tour, which he continued throughout the fall after the robbery.

See photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West together through the years:

Following a last-minute cancellation of a concert in Los Angeles, West then cancelled the rest of his tour. That same night, the rapper was rushed to the hospital following an alleged outburst at the home of his trainer. His doctor's 911 call leaked on Thursday.

8 days after being hospitalized after his breakdown, West was discharged from the UCLA Medical Center, but never returned to the Bel Air mansion that he shares with wife, Kim. Instead, he is allegedly receiving outpatient care in a rental home elsewhere.

Kardashian is staying at their home in Bel Air with children North and Saint, who turns one on Monday. It's unclear whether or not West will be present for his son's first birthday, as Kardashian is allegedly "concerned" for her husband.

Sources close to the couple also indicate that all of the recent drama in their lives has taken a strain on their marriage, but they're trying to work it out.

See more photos of Kanye West throughout his career:

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Gayle King dishes on Oprah Winfrey's 'year of adventure' and hiking the Grand Canyon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's signature mismatched socks, explained
Conan O'Brien takes jabs at Donald Trump, stresses importance of work ethic at Beat the Odds Awards


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 12:13 pm

Nine dead, many missing, in California party fire

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At least nine people were dead and about 25 were unaccounted for after a massive fire broke out during a late-night party in a warehouse in Oakland, California, the city's fire chief said on Saturday.

Fire officials were still trying to determine how the blaze started at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday, said Chief Teresa Deloach-Reed.

The roof of the two-story warehouse in the city's Fruitvale district collapsed during the fire, complicating efforts to recover bodies, she told a press briefing.

Officials did not know if any of the 25 missing people were among the nine confirmed victims.

"There is a large majority of that building that has not been searched," Deloach-Reed said during a press briefing.

Click through reactions online to the fire here:

"We are hoping that the number nine is what there is and that there are no more," the fire chief said, referring to the number of known fatalities.

Deloach-Reed said some of those who were missing may have brought themselves to the hospital or elsewhere. She said she did not know how many people were at the party.

The warehouse housed units where people lived and worked - makeshift artist studios carved out with partitions, the fire chief said. "A flea market of items" were inside, she said.

A Facebook event page showed 176 people planned to attend the party, which featured a performance by the electronic music act Golden Donna. The page, which listed 355 others as interested in going, carried posts from people who were either missing or accounted for.

Video footage posted on social media showed the structure engulfed in flames and encircled by fire vehicles pumping water into the building.

"It's going to hit the city, it's going to hit our organization," Reed said. "It's just going to be hard on everyone."

(Additional reporting by David Bailey in Minneapolis; Writing by Frank McGurty; Editing by Alistair Bell)


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 11:41 am

'Equity' star and producer Alysia Reiner shares her picks for the holidays

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ActressAlysia Reiner is no stranger to the world of the financial industry as evident in her latest film Equity, which she starred in and produced. Whether you put your hard-earned money to good use by buying jewelry from Satya or purchase a nice scented candle from e-tailer Raven + Lily, Alysia's gift guide will make you feel warm inside this holiday season.

1) Jewelry From Satya:
"In the holiday spirit of kindness & giving, and the upheaval this country has recently experienced, more than ever I so deeply want to find ways to give kindness in the form of protection and opportunity. With every purchase on Satya Jewelry with the code ALYSIAGIVESBACK, Satya will give 30% of proceeds to KIND: KIDS IN NEED OF DEFENSE, which has the incredible mission of protecting children in danger. You can read more about their mission here . It's an easy way to help - Satya's jewelry is gorgeous, affordable, and it's the perfect time for holiday shopping!!! So don't forget to use the CODE so you can get a great discount, give to your friends and give back to kids in need!

Click on this link & use PROMO CODE: ALYSIAGIVESBACK gives 30% of proceeds to kids who need your help. And you get a 25% discount!!!

2) Equity (Blu-Ray/DVD):
"Now more than ever, it feels good to take action to support women - be it women in business or women in filmmaking. My movie Equity makes a great gift or stocking stuffer. Pre-order the Blu-Ray/DVD TODAY!

Buy a copy and support art made by and for women, and help tell the women in your life they can do ANYTHING!

3) Raven + Lily Candles:
"I adore the RAVEN + LILY candles because not only are they beautiful, great smelling, made in the USA, super eco-soy and bamboo, but they are made by women who have transitioned out of homelessness. This employment opportunity allows for them to continue on the path of empowerment.

I buy them by the case!"

4) Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.'s Gallon of Inspiration:
"Need a gift for the friend who has everything? I love buying a gallon of inspiration, a pint of gratitude or perhaps a container of Schadenfreude?

All proceeds go to 826NYC, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting students, ages 6-18, with their writing skills."

5) Dr. Maya Angelou Lantern:
"I love Maya Angelou beyond words - she is my #shero and she designed a lantern with a quote of hers. If you make a purchase, 100 percent of proceeds will go to St. Jude's Hospital."

6) Compass Piece Necklace:
One of my besties started The Brave Collection, and I love this new compass piece that donates funds to get girls out of human trafficking, and also hires them and teaches them the skills to make the jewelry."


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 11:41 am

Jackie Kennedy allegedly contemplated suicide after JFK's death

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Jackie Kennedy talked about suicide with two priests following the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, according to a shocking new story in PEOPLE magazine.

After her husband was murdered in 1963, Kennedy, then 34, was allegedly in such a dark place that she contemplated taking her own life to be with him again.

SEE ALSO: Kennedy marriage secrets revealed: What Jackie Kennedy really knew about the cheating

Father Richard McSorley recounted a conversation he had with the former first lady, in which she asked him "if God would separate her from her husband if she killed herself."

On a separate occasion, Kennedy also wrote in a letter to Irish priest Joseph Leonard that she felt "bitter against God." The idea of raising both of their children -- Caroline, 6, and John Jr., 3, -- alone and without her husband was too much to bare.

See photos of Jackie Kennedy and JFK together:

Despite her deep despair, though, the revered public figure used her strength to eventually realize that suicide was not something she wanted to ever go through with.

"She finally interrupted [McSorley] and said, 'Father, I understand. I know it's wrong. I wouldn't do it. But it's so lonely out there,'" the report continued.

Kennedy died over three decades later in 1994 at the age of 64.

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Gayle King dishes on Oprah Winfrey's 'year of adventure' and hiking the Grand Canyon
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's signature mismatched socks, explained
Conan O'Brien takes jabs at Donald Trump, stresses importance of work ethic at Beat the Odds Awards


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 10:55 am

EXCLUSIVE: Gayle King dishes on Oprah Winfrey's 'year of adventure' and hiking the Grand Canyon

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Oprah Winfrey's BFF, Gayle King, opened up to ET about O, The Oprah Magazine's upcoming Year of Adventure and what that means for Lady O.

Winfrey actually tackled her first adventure of the new year a little early by hiking the Grand Canyon with King and longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham.

King revealed that this was the trio's second trip to the Grand Canyon.

"We went years ago in 1993, doing a shoot for the show," King tells ET. "And Oprah said, 'I didn't really get to see it then.' She says, 'I was busy working. I didn't really get to see it.'"

The return trip gave King a chance to redeem herself, admitting that she had difficulty keeping up with the famous couple during their first outing 23 years ago.

See more photos of Oprah through the years:

WATCH: Gayle King Talks Oprah's Favorite Things 2016

"I don't want to say that I'm a whiner or complainer. Those two were hiking. They were like goats," King recalls. "We had these 75-pound backpacks on, and I literally said, 'I can't do it. I can't go another step. This is hard!' So Oprah wound up carrying her backpack and mine, too."

This time around it was only the heights that got to her.

"Oprah really is fearless about most things," King says. "She got right on the edge and looked over. I'm the one standing in the background going, 'No! Be careful!'"

Winfrey documented part of her trip on video and was brought to tears by the breathtaking sunrise during a photo shoot for her magazine.

WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: 30 Years After the Debut of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' Oprah Says She Left at the 'Right Moment'

"So it's a new year, 2017, and no better way to start it off, I think, than with grandness and grandeur here overlooking the fantastic, amazing Grand Canyon," Winfrey says in a clip. "This is kicking off our great 'Year of Adventure' in O magazine, and I'm hoping it will be a year of great adventures and experiences as well."

See photos of Gayle King:

Another adventure Winfrey wants to do is go truffle hunting in Italy.

"And they don't do it with pigs. They do it with dogs," King says. "So the dogs go and dig up the truffles for you. We're thinking that could be a fun thing."

But if you aren't able to jet across the world in the coming year, King says there are still plenty of adventures to be had in your own backyard.

RELATED: Oprah Is Releasing a Cookbook! You Get a Recipe! You Get a Recipe! Everybody Gets a Recipe!!!

"Adventures can be big and small," she says. "Adventures can be a cooking class. Adventures can be a job. Adventures can be a relationship. Adventures can be trying something that you haven't done before."

The January issue of O, The Oprah Magazine hits newsstands on Tuesday.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 10:39 am

Jimmy Fallon plays charades with dream team of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen on 'The Tonight Show'

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The dream team husband-and-wife duo of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen brought their talents to the Tonight Show stage Friday.

Legend, on the show to promote his new album, Darkness and Light, as well as the film La La Land, played a game of charades against host Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler.

Before the game began, Handler warned Fallon that, even though he's very competitive, she is not. "I'm not competitive, and I don't care."

Once the game got started, Team Legend/Teigen scored a point with an expressive "Shake, Rattle and Roll," before Handler hesitantly guessed Fallon's "Eye of the Tiger."

See photos of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen together:

Handler was just excited for the game to be over, but then Legend stood up for his turn. "It keeps going?" she asked.

Read more: Emma Stone Gets Hysterically Into Singing Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon

Legend began his turn (acting out The Little Mermaid), but he was sidetracked when Teigen interrupted to tell him his fly was unzipped.

The song "Singin' in the Rain" was the last straw for Handler. Fallon couldn't seem to put "sing" and "rain" together, frustrating the Netflix host. "Oh, my God! Are you serious right now?" she yelled. "Everyone here knows it!"

"My pacemaker's going crazy right now," joked Fallon. For the final round, Teigen and Fallon tried to act out The Girl on the Train, but Handler was laughing too hard to guess.

Read more: Felicity Jones Shows Off Her 'Rogue One' Fighting Skills on 'The Tonight Show'


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 9:38 am

Granola recipes for a healthy and delicious brunch

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Brunch doesn't have to be unhealthy to be tasty. With all the eggs, waffles and potatoes - granola recipes are your new brunch buddy! Adding in fruit, honey and in one especially delicious recipe, chocolate! Trust us, once you get a taste of these recipes, you'll never be able to get enough!

Take a look through the gallery for some delicious granola recipes!


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 9:06 am

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's signature mismatched socks, explained

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Though they were all dressed in black, one stylish actor from THR's 2016 Actor Roundtable managed stand out from the pack.

With his mismatched socks, Joseph Gordon-Levitt added a bit of quirky flare to his otherwise somber ensemble during the shoot with fellow actors Jeff Bridges, Casey Affleck, Dev Patel, Andrew Garfield and Mahershala Ali.

David Needleman

In 2013, the actor revealed in a Reddit AMA that his socks were a tribute to his late brother, Dan, who passed away at age 36 in 2010. "My brother Dan always wore mismatched socks," he wrote. "I inherited his collection."

In the year's since his brother's death, the famously private actor has otherwise remained quiet in regard to his brother, choosing instead to honor Dan with his style. During the roundtable, the 35-year-old noted that having his personal life exposed was one of the more difficult aspects of an acting career and the celebrity life that comes with it.

See more photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

"On the one hand, it's tough to complain because it's a really privileged life I get to lead," said the Snowden star. "On the other hand, I think the whole celebrity thing is unhealthy, and I feel bad being a part of it or feeling like I'm perpetuating it."

See Gordon-Levitt in the roundtable below.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 9:04 am

How to style fall tones

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TGIF everyone! Can't believe we are already in December. Hubby and I are planning to organize our home a little since we've been traveling quite bit and our place is currently a huge mess.

Top: White and Warren via Gilt / Jacket: Zara / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Vince / Bag: YSL

The post fall tones was first shown on Walk in Wonderland.

More from Walk in Wonderland
Minimalist girl
Modern trails
Holiday spirit


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 9:03 am

ISIS fighters returning from Iraq, Syria may unleash Europe attacks: Cops

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ISIS may step up attacks in Europe as it loses ground in the Middle East and foreign fighters return to their home countries, a new report from Europol warned Friday.

The continental law enforcement agency said that car bombs, extortion and kidnappings could be employed by networked groups of fighters or lone wolf attackers who have pledged allegiance to the group or have been inspired by it.

However, attacks using guns, knives and vehicles remain more likely given the easier access to such weaponry, according to Europol. Attacks on major infrastructure such as power stations and nuclear facilities also remains unlikely given ISIS' preference for "soft targets," it added.

It is possible ISIS will "consider the use of chemical and/or biological weapons" in Europe while it was conceivable that homemade, commercial or military explosives placed in improvised devices could be used at some stage, according to the report.

"We have to be vigilant, since the threat posed by ... [ISIS] and returning foreign fighters is likely to persist in the coming years," said the E.U. Counter-terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove in a statement accompanying the report. "These people are trained to use explosives and firearms and they have been indoctrinated by the jihadist ideology."

ISIS is under increasing pressure in Syria and Iraq, where its last major stronghold, Mosul, is under assault by a coalition of U.S.-backed forces.

The Europol report also warns that some intelligence services indicate that several dozen people who are directed by ISIS and have the capability to "commit terrorist acts" may currently be in Europe and that other groups such as al Qaeda also pose a threat.

The report added that an increase in arrests and court proceedings related to terrorism "of a jihadist nature" was proof of the high priority that had been given to counter-terrorism across the continent.

European nations have been on alert in the wake a series of attacks attributed to ISIS or its followers across the continent in recent years. Terrorists have already carried out attacks in Belgium, France, Germany, and Turkey this year.

Related: German Military, Police to Team Up Amid Fears of ISIS Attack

Earlier this month, the State Department issued a warning to U.S. nationals to exert caution at festivals and holiday markets in Europe.

In October, meanwhile, U.S. officials told NBC News that the military campaign to push ISIS out of its stronghold in Mosul may lead to hundreds of battle-hardened fighters returning to Europe where they could launch terrorist attacks against allied and U.S. interests.

Europol did not specify how many ISIS fighters it estimated could make their way back to Europe. About one-fifth of ISIS's total number of fighters, or 3,700 people, are residents or nationals of Western Europe, including 1,200 from France alone, according to a study last year by King's College London.


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Posted on 3 December 2016 | 8:40 am


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